Zillionaire, a teen-owned jewelry brand, is now valued at $2.5 million

Raghav Goyal and Aaditya Fatehpuriya have reached an impressive milestone for any startup: their company, Zillionaire, reached a valuation of $2.5 million. The two talented entrepreneurs were still in high school when they launched Zillionaire together, and the company already has more than 10,000 customers interested in the product. Not only do customers appreciate the product, but investors also notice its potential. Since its launch, they have received several offers from venture capitalists wishing to invest. It is clear that this brand will continue to grow in popularity and by next year it could easily become the market leader.

Zillionaire specializes in hip-hop and custom jewelry. Jewelry is generally perceived as something traditional in India. Zillionaire aims to change this paradigm by establishing its own millennial market. Each Zillionaire piece reflects individualistic expression as well as decadent exclusivity. More than a product, Zillionaire sells a story.

This has earned the company huge contracts with hip hop luminaries like Badshah, Divine, MC Stan as well as several other celebrities like Ranveer Singh, Karan Johar, B Praak buying their custom pieces helping the brand solidify its status name that people can trust when it comes to stylish accessories to complete their look. Zillionaire is the reason celebrities have upped their jewelry game in recent months.

Achieving a $2.5 million valuation is no small feat and this duo has really pushed the bar so high for others. Investors and venture capitalists showed great interest in investing in the company as they saw how these two 18-year-old guys, Aaditya Fatehpuriya and Raghav Goyal’s brand, enjoyed market support as their sales were skyrocketing.

In view of its growing business, one can be sure that it will be the market leader in the years to come. To learn more about Zillionaire, visit their website: https://zillionaireindia.com/

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