YouTube creates “Handles”, a better way to connect your community and your brand content


For many creators, YouTube is more than just a place to upload and display content, it’s a community. Today, YouTube is introducing handles to help creators on the platform better identify and connect with others. Each channel will have a unique handle. Handles will appear on both Channels and Shorts.

Handles will also make it easier for creators to communicate. Creators will be able to use their credentials to tag themselves in comments, titles, video descriptions and collaborations on the platform. Within the next month, YouTube will begin notifying creators that they can create their nickname. If a channel already has a custom URL, this will automatically become its channel ID, although it can be changed in YouTube Studio when the option becomes available.

Since each will need a unique handle, the rollout will be gradual. Certain factors such as channel activity and number of subscribers will help determine when it will be available for your channel. Once a handle is chosen, a unique address will be automatically created (ex: so that users can direct people to their content when they are not on the platform.

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