Woman-owned business causes a stir with personalized products


Little Birdie Pillows provides opportunities for local women

CALHOUN CITY, Miss. (WCBI) – A woman-owned business in Calhoun County is making its mark across the United States, one custom pillow at a time.

Inside the building, just off Highway 8 in Calhoun City, workers make pillows that will end up in stores across the country.

“We’re in all fifty states,” said Susan Hardin, who started making custom pillows in 2015 when her daughters needed gifts for their sorority friends at MSU. This is how Little Birdie Pillows began. Susan and her husband, Tony, took their pillows to trade shows and orders began to rise.

“We started with a store in Starkville and a small vendor stand in Oxford. From there we went to the Mississippi market and picked up several stores, after going to Atlanta we were seen by bigger stores and picked them up,” Hardin said.

Since then, Little Birdie has grown from three employees to thirty-three, most of whom are women.

“As we are a women-owned business, we try to accommodate their needs, in terms of daycare, family needs, things like that. We have been very lucky with the growth of our business,” she said.

The building has a history with Susan and her family. At the time; his grandfather ran a manufacturing business in the same space. It was known as the Calhoun Garment Company.

“It’s a big part of the story, kind of a connection from my grandfather, to my father, to myself, my father worked here before he started his own business, that’s a three, and with my kids, a four-generation connection,” Hardin said.

Susan says no matter how big Little Birdie Pillows gets, the company will never forget its humble beginnings and the true source of its success.

“Everything comes from God, he gets all the glory, one hundred percent, we don’t make a decision in this business without praying about it, we know we never would have gotten to where we are now without the hand of God.” she says.

Hardin says customers also want American-made products. For more information on Little Birdie pillows, visit littlebirdiehome.com

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