Why a luxury Italian brand has become Putin’s go-to brand

At a certain level of society, certain brands become essential. Until now, Loro Piana has been the ultimate “stealth wealth” operator. Its fabrications are exceptional, but its aesthetic is understated – there’s no obvious branding, no “LORO PIANA” splattered on the back of this graffiti-style puffa. Instead, it’s not until you touch an item of clothing that you realize how expensive it is. Basically, for men like Putin, it’s stylish without being “trendy”: a manly way to wear a high-end luxury brand without diluting your toxic masculinity with anything as bold as color. That said, fashion insiders said he was no stranger to having bespoke branded items made just for him, including a baby blue cashmere leisure suit.

Will such adorable sets still deliver, now that there’s a growing petition calling on the brand to “publicly denounce Vladimir Putin”? LVMH, the luxury goods company that owns Loro Piana, was criticized for not withdrawing its products quickly enough from Russia at the start of the war, but has since donated 5 million euros in aid to the Ukraine.

Much has been written lately about the irony of the Russian president, a man who claims to belong to the people and who spoke favorably of his communist predecessors, living a life of quite astounding opulence, full of palaces, superyachts, secrets and alleged operation plastics. It denounces Western decadence, but wearing a Loro Piana coat is the stylistic equivalent of showing your Eagle Ski Club membership card — if you have to ask, don’t even think about applying.

Jeff Bezos and, of course, the Roy clan, are other fans who wear his fine cashmere and immaculate suits. Succession’s brilliantly accurate costume department chose Loro Piana outerwear to show that the dysfunctional dynasty is part of a nomadic, “soft-powered” elite that demonstrates its influence with plush jackets, not structured suits. .

It works for Putin, but the fact that he chose one of Loro Piana’s coats for his incendiary rally in Moscow is, to say the least, dismal publicity for the house, whose representatives have yet to issue a declaration. The Telegraph has asked for comment.

The people of Mariupol are shivering in their bomb shelters and dying in the streets. Russians live in fear, ignorance and financial ruin. But Vladimir Putin is warm, tied up in fine quilted cashmere. Loro Piana coats use its Storm System® technology. “Thanks to the Storm System barrier, your fabric will always be protected,” boasts its website. If only the same could be said of the Ukrainian people.

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