Wholesale Supplier Ensures Stable Food Supply Vertical Farming Partner

Calgary-based Rambridge Wholesale Supply and Netled, a Finland-based company focused on researching, developing and designing technologies for controlled environmental farming, have entered into a strategic partnership that will bring Vera vertical farming technology to America North.

“Vertical farming is the future of controlled-environment farming in Canada,” said Brent Parker, president of Rambridge. “As the climate changes and weather patterns, pests and diseases become more predictable, vertical farming represents an opportunity for safe and reliable food production.”

On Thursday, the public will be introduced to Vera at the company’s southeast Calgary factory and can sample a selection of vertically grown salads and custom cocktails prepared in collaboration with chefs from the ATCO Blue Flame kitchen, all harvested from the Vera system.

Netled COO Niko Kurumaa says, “Vertical farming is quite simply the future of food. When agriculture is practiced in a fully controlled environment, the impact on our planet is significantly less than that of traditional farming methods. And yet, productivity is higher.

“Partnering with Rambridge allows us to bring our Vera technology to the North American market through a well-established and respected company that is now also able to offer its customers the technology as a key service. in hand. The Calgary operation is a demonstration facility for the Vera hydroponic system, a technique in which shallow streams of water containing all the nutrients a plant needs to grow are circulated past its roots.”

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