Wearing brand loyalty on your feet? Thanks to these collaborations, it is possible

Neeman recently collaborated with Google to create custom sneakers, but it’s not the only brand to do so.

Founder of independent shoe brand Neeman, Vikas Kabra, recently took to LinkedIn to share that the company had collaborated with Google to create a collection of sneakers for its employees. The shoes in question are sustainable – made from recycled PET bottles and feature the Google logo on them, in addition to rainbow-colored laces that reflect the global search engine giant’s signature colors.

While Neeman’s collection is limited to gifts for Google India employees, other brands have collaborated to create signature kicks that can show a customer’s loyalty to the brand.

2020 saw a collaboration between Adidas and McDonald’s to create the ‘Sauce Pack’ footwear collection in India. The collection included three sneaker models, namely Harden Vol. 4, Queen 6 and TMAC 1.

In the past, Adidas has also collaborated with Coca-Cola to create themed sneakers. The shoes were black – in keeping with the color of the drink, with red accents, referring to the brand colors.

Let’s not forget the moment in 2021, when Singapore-based artist Josiah Chua created a revamped version of the Nike Air Plus TN sneakers based on BTS x McDonald’s menu. For the uninitiated, BTS is the abbreviation of Bangtan boysa boy group from South Korea that has a large number of fans around the world. BTSFans call themselves “the army”.

The first one BTS x The McDonald’s collaboration resulted in a hugely popular menu that contained a 10 Chicken McNuggets meal, medium fries, Coke, and hot and Cajun sauces. The meal is inspired by popular recipes from McDonald’s South Korea which has been dubbed the “BTS Meal”. The tailored sneakers also feature a functional element, with a case to house the nuggets at the ankles, and the special Cajun and sweet pepper sauces attached to the lacing.

Coca-Cola also collaborated with Canadian company Bata for a range of soft drink-themed shoes in 2019. The tennis shoes are part of the “Heritage collection”, which was first launched in 2015. shoes contain Coca-Cola’s signature. red and white marking.

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