Want flawless summer skin? Try Proven Skincare’s custom AI-powered products



It’s the official start of summer, which means there’s no better time to re-evaluate skin care routines.

Summer comes with high heat, sticky humidity, and amplified environmental factors like a bad air quality, ozone pollution and particulate matter pollution, all of which take their toll on the skin. There’s also the inevitable load of sunscreen and the switch from freezing air conditioning inside to balmy temperatures outside, which adds havoc to the skin.

This summer, there is an additional consideration: the pandemic. As the world emerges after almost a year spent mostly indoors, people are faced with dull skin, dry, lax and prone to acne.

However, new skin care can be daunting. Where to start? What to buy? What will work? There are never really any guarantees. There is one brand, however, that comes closest to a guarantee when it comes to skin products, and that is Proven Skincare.

Proven was founded by Harvard Business School alumnus Ming S. Zhao and computer physicist Amy Yuan, who decided that for skin care to really work, it took more than just marketing. branding to help consumers choose the right products. Their answer was AI.

“AI has improved almost every other part of our life, it’s time it improves women’s daily lives as well, including our skin care,” Zhao said in an interview. “What’s more, the wonderful thing about AI is that it is constantly evolving to become smarter.”

“Creating a knowledge base of evidence as comprehensive as the one we have built, there’s no way not to do it with AI,” Yuan adds. “It would take decades for humans to read and make connections between the data points we have connected.”

The data points Yuan talks about are 47 key factors that the team at Proven felt are the most important for skin care. They arrived at these factors after conducting extensive scientific investigation into the inputs that actually affect the skin and what the skin really needs to be taken care of.

“We take into account everything from lifestyle factors such as stress levels, blue light / HEV exposure from using digital devices, to environmental factors such as your local pollution level and the hardness of the water in your municipality with which you wash your face and shower, ”says Zhao.

The work they did with Proven won them the MIT AI Technology of the Year award and even landed them on The Today Show and Shark Tank.

Zhao and Yuan are also proud of how their products have democratized the high-end skin care industry. As a direct-to-consumer brand that offers individualized products to anyone with a web browser, Proven Skincare eliminates costly dermatologist visits as well as waste if a consumer chooses a product that ultimately doesn’t work for them. .

“We want to give people beautiful skin for life, in an accessible and affordable way. It is a particularly valuable model for people underserved by the skin care industry, such as ethnic minorities, men and people living in rural areas, mostly any natural person, ”Yuan said.

Proven works through an online diagnostic platform that simulates a dermatologist’s assessment, but it’s better because it’s done in under three minutes, is fully online, and uses AI technology.

“It’s a technology that is not possible in person. Plus, we avoid the need for trial and error, ”Yuan explains. “What does testing your hand actually accomplish when it comes to a product that is meant to benefit your skin over days or months? With our data, we know exactly what your skin needs, so you don’t have to go through trial and error anymore.

Cruelty-free, non-toxic and made with clean ingredients, the Proven Skincare line is simple: there are only three products. These three products are designed to simplify a skin care routine while providing optimal results.

Could this be the answer to perfect summer skin? We think so.

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