Ultimate Ears will allow users to customize their Boom 3 speakers



Ultimate Ears Boom 3 speakers come in a variety of color and design options for users to choose from. For the most part, they’re pretty funky in terms of design and with the variety on offer, there should be something for everyone. However, if you want to create one that is truly unique, you’re in luck.

Indeed, Ultimate Ears has launched MyBoom ​​Studio, where users can customize their Boom 3 speakers to their liking. Note that this only applies to the speaker design, meaning the speaker itself will remain the same Boom 3 model you may already know.

This includes Bluetooth connectivity as well as water and dust resistance. In terms of customization, users will be able to choose from 8 colors and 12 different fabrics for the body, caps and volume buttons to truly create something unique for them. However, this also means that the speakers will be more expensive than regular Boom 3 speakers and cost $ 180, which is about $ 30 more.

If this sounds like a set of speakers that you might be interested in, head over to the MyBoom ​​Studio website to start customizing your speakers.

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