Tring Marshcroft: brand new garden village neighborhood with 1,400 new homes and schools planned for Tring

More than 1,000 new homes as well as new schools could be built as part of a brand new garden village suburb in Tring. Harrow Estates has submitted a planning application for the garden village of Marshcroft, to the east of the town.

The Marshcroft site is located north of Station Road, east of Grove Road and south of Bulbourne Road, adjacent to the Grand Union Canal. It is also identified for development in the Dacorum City Council draft local plan.

The app offers 1,400 new homes, 45% of which will be affordable. Over 50% of the site is given over to open green spaces, including playgrounds and housing developments for residents.

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In addition, a primary school should be built as well as a fully serviced site for a secondary school, as well as a sports center with indoor sports and outdoor sports fields. A health facility will also be available once details have been agreed with the local health department.

Space for new stores will be provided, which could include a mix of retail, restaurants and cafes, designed to complement the existing supply in Tring town centre. The average house price in Tring has risen 79% over the past decade, while only 14 homes classified as affordable have been completed in the city since 2013.

With 630 affordable homes – 45% of the total 1,400 – Marshcroft has a range of properties to suit everyone. Opportunities will also exist for self-built plots and custom-built housing units. Up to 10 per cent of the properties would also be senior housing.

A public consultation was launched in November 2021 and after public feedback, changes were made to the plans including the provision of a single village center instead of two. The development has also been brought closer to Station Road to introduce better natural surveillance.

Tim Noden, Planning Director at Harrow Estates, said: ‘We are delighted to submit these carefully crafted plans for the suburb of Marshcroft Garden Village which will help deliver much needed new homes to Tring, including an affordable housing supply. very important.

“We are grateful for the feedback received from the community which helped inform the plans submitted. Marshcroft seeks to provide facilities and services that will benefit existing and new residents, the new primary and secondary schools, health centre, sports indoor and outdoor spaces, new public open green spaces, extensive walking and cycling paths, shops and cafes, and community gathering places.

The hybrid planning application for Marshcroft has been submitted to Dacorum City Council and a decision is expected in the coming months. More information can be found on Marshcroft’s plans by visiting

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