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Ecommerce brands face incredible competition these days, from new brands launched daily to online retail giants like Amazon and Walmart.

All the advantages must be exploited to attract the attention of the market and distance consumers from other options. Creativity goes a long way in online marketing, and it can give a brand an edge when it faces competitors selling identical products.

Most of the most popular D2C brands are successful only because of their creativity. Their products are usually outsourced overseas, and identical products – often from the same manufacturer they use – can be purchased for a fraction of the cost.

Why would a consumer spend $ 60 on a product when they can buy an identical item – minus the brand – for $ 15?

It all comes down to the creativity used, from branding and packaging to marketing. Creative brands tell their story through their messaging, marketing and advertising. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why creativity can be the biggest advantage of an ecommerce brand in a crowded market.

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Brands become more attractive by improving current options

As mentioned above, some D2C brands take existing products and custom brand them, bring them to market, and sell products for hundreds of millions of dollars through social media advertising.

Why are these brands capable of making insane volume and the “pristine” product, which can be found on Amazon and sites like AliExpress, is being ignored even though it will often only cost 10-20% of what does the “branded” version sell?

It all revolves around the creative marketing and community aspect that these D2C brands leverage – from user-generated content repurposed to showcase the community aspect and drive more sales to the creative social media video ads produced.

These brands take products that once collected dust in warehouses and turned them into brands worth millions of dollars without any intellectual property or proprietary innovation or technology.

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Creative Branding Makes Consumers Safe from Price Comparison Purchases

This goes back to the point above and is just further proof that creativity can appeal to consumers and draw them so much to a brand that they don’t look for more affordable options even though they are there for everyone to see.

Take the popular home teeth whitening kits, for example. Several very popular D2C brands sell them for between $ 79 and $ 199, while identical kits can be found on Amazon for under $ 15.

Is this a lower quality product? Are they less effective? No. They are identical and often made by the same manufacturer. So why don’t consumers turn to Amazon for the generic version and spend up to 15 times the price to buy the popular D2C branded version?

It is because of the way the product was marketed and introduced. By using a combination of large Facebook ads and then remarketing through the Pixel, a brand can get very creative in terms of the type of tracking ads they show you.

When the targeting and technology available for marketing is combined with a highly creative team behind the product, the game is over, and that’s why these new D2C brands are seen as overnight successes. They have such high margins and generate such high volume. It’s a big deal to have.

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It allows marketing to be introduced through multiple platforms and delivery methods

A creative brand has endless options in terms of marketing platforms to exploit. Just to give you an example, let’s say you’re a D2C health and wellness brand and want to mount a massive campaign for a new line of protein bars. The following platforms can be operated: Facebook, Instagram, Google (organic), Google (paid), YouTube, TikTok and Pinterest.

This is just a sample of the many platforms available, each giving you a different content format to use. Creative brands can take full advantage of each option, create amazing content that takes advantage of creativity, and draw customers away from other options.

Think about the successful brands you support. Where do you see their creative marketing? Everywhere, right? When a product can be marketed from every imaginable angle and spread its message through all available content formats, that is how a product becomes a real brand.

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