The Largest and Best Selection of Lumber at CU Woodshop Supply

Champaign, IL (WCIA)

Brian Knox, owner of CU Woodshop Supply, gives us a tour of the business.

I purchased CU Woodshop Supply a year ago and moved it to its current location in Champaign. It has been a vital business for the past 10 years, serving the woodworking community of central Illinois and surrounding states. It is probably the largest and finest supermarket, supplying the woodworking community with a vast selection of exotic woods from around the world, as well as domestic woods. We have a sawmill and kiln and produce living wood slabs from local trees, preventing them from becoming mulch or firewood. We also carry out custom millings in our Woodshop for carpenters. In addition, we sell woodworking machinery, equipment and supplies to master cabinetmakers, hobbyists, wood turners and artists. I started designing jewelry 30 years ago in downtown. As an artist, I was also a musician and created bands that became a production company, putting on gigs across the United States. When the gigs stopped in 2020, I bought CU Woodshop Supply while they were on clearance, again using my retail experience. It also allows me to create things with wood and keep learning.

I help people interested in woodworking solve their needs and problems. Choosing wood, finding the right tool, milling our wood or theirs to a certain specification to do something they want to do. Inspire them with different techniques that they would like to acquire. Help them with the supplies they need to complete their project.

We are the only Woodshop supply company in the area. People not only come from this area but come from other states because of our selection. We have the biggest and best Woodshop supply store in Illinois. We are to the carpenter what home improvement sites are to the construction trade.

Supply of the CU carpentry workshop
1305 N. McKinley Ave.
Champagne IL 61821

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