The company behind the custom design of the black PlayStation 5 cancels orders after suspected threats against staff


While the PlayStation 5 is still a tough item to buy, one company had marketed a custom model of the console, inspired by the PlayStation 2. Design company SUP3R5 has now canceled all orders for a custom black PS5, stating that ‘there were threats to their staff members. Now all orders are refunded and there is no specific timeline for when the consoles will be available again.

According to SUP3R5 now removed Twitter account, the company said on Jan. 9 that its “team has started receiving credible threats to its security.” We take these threats seriously and therefore we are not moving forward. All orders are canceled with full refund. This tweet leads us on the trail of skepticism with the fact that no real evidence is provided that threats were made.

As if deleting the Twitter account wasn’t suspicious enough, some customers were struggling to get their money back. At this point, the only way to contact the company is through the basic email form on their website, although some players have had difficulty getting a refund, adding even more weight to the idea that ‘Maybe it was a scam.

While SUP3R5 promised to ship custom PlayStation 5s, there wasn’t much evidence that these consoles existed. The only image used to promote these products is actually from an article on Reddit. Like the company’s Twitter account, it no longer exists. A Reddit comment from the creator of the attached design with images is still live, as of this writing.

These consoles had a massive surcharge of $ 649 and $ 749 for the digital and disc player versions, respectively. That’s an extra $ 250 that customers would have to pay for a console when they didn’t even know what the finished product looked like. Skepticism towards the console and massive additional fees, while absolutely no justification for threats to a business, may have sparked a backlash from angry consumers who couldn’t get their hands on a regularly priced console, not to mention an overpriced console.

Due to these threats, SUP3R5 has all but disappeared, leading many to believe that it may have been a sham after all. Since there is no longer a Twitter account or a product page to see, we do not know the fate of this company and the whole story behind the curious case of the personalized console.

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