The 2024 Cadillac Celestiq celebrates the future of the famous luxury brand


Cadillac is back.

The official introduction of the 2024 Cadillac Celestiq marks the next chapter in the famous brand’s impressive return to relevance thanks in large part to desirable products, attractive styling and outright luxury.

As the marque continues to emerge from the mediocrity it settled into towards the end of the 20th century – and lasted until the mid-2010s – no other model better represents the path Cadillac has come in recent years. . In fact, when developing the Celestiq, the mission was to create the most epic Cadillac ever. On top of that, designers, engineers and executives kept one thought in mind throughout the process: There will always be only one first all-electric Cadillac flagship vehicle.

All of which explains why such an emphasis has been placed on the handcrafted and bespoke nature of the Celestiq; it is meant to represent the brand’s history of design, innovation, technology and performance. As a result, it will be the company’s flagship car and officials are expected to hope to attract customers to the brand.

A real jewel

The 2024 Cadillac Celestiq will be built on a dedicated architecture with six large cast aluminum components, including the shock towers. Up to 115 3D printed parts will also be used, the largest of which will be the central metal part of its steering wheel. A flexible manufacturing process will produce 300 parts which will be used in the body structure, chassis, interior and architectural components.

The Ultium electric vehicle (EV) platform from parent company General Motors (GM) will serve as the foundation for the upgraded architecture. It will house a 111 kWh battery – with 190 kW DC fast charging capability – as a structural element. The battery will power a pair of electric motors that are expected to produce a total system output of 600 hp and 640 lb-ft of torque. Despite the Celectiq’s size, Cadillac estimates it will go from a standing start to 60 mph in about four seconds.

Despite this performance pedigree, the reality is that the Celestiq is designed for a luxurious driving experience. It will feature adaptive air suspension with magnetic ride control, active roll control and rear-wheel steering, while its beautiful, unique 23-inch wheels will be wrapped in ride-focused tires.

Measuring approximately 5,500 mm (216.5 in) long and 2,000 mm (78.7 in) wide, the Celestiq will have an incredible presence on the road. Its fastback profile is elegantly fluid, displaying minimalist sophistication. It’s hard to properly convey the style of the car other than to describe it as stunning.

Interestingly, the Celestiq was designed before the all-electric Lyriq SUV, which explains why there are many visual similarities between the two, especially at the front, with the vertical headlights. Perhaps the most unique aspects are the taillights which are reminiscent of Cadillac’s tail fins of the past.

Overflowing with luxury

As expected, the interior of the 2024 Cadillac Celestiq will define opulence. Specifically, it will represent the owners’ ideas of opulence and luxury, as customers will be able to choose materials and finishes, as well as custom color leathers. In fact, the Celestiq will be handcrafted, so no two will be the same. Additionally, the Cadillac Goddess appears as Easter eggs in various locations, both indoors and out.

The level of tech on board is said to be upgradeable, starting with the standard 55-inch screen that will stretch from pillar to pillar. Other features will include Google built-in, dual 12.6-inch rear screens, smart cameras, four-zone climate control and 20-way power seats with four-place memory function.

The onboard experience will be comforting and relaxing. The entire Celestiq greenhouse is made of seven mm (0.3 in) thick acoustic laminated glass. The smart glass roof – reportedly the largest piece of automotive glass in the world – features four separate variable shading quadrants to set the mood. Audio will be handled by a 41-speaker audio system with 1,000 watts of power and next-generation active noise cancellation. (Of the 41 speakers, 38 will share the cabin, while the other three will be responsible for exciting exterior sound from the vehicle.)

Finally, Cadillac’s so-called Ultra Cruise, for hands-free driving, will debut with the 2024 Celestiq. It will be configured with all the sensors, cameras, radar and hardware (a different suite of equipment than the Super Cruise GM) for future live updates. Ultra Cruise’s goal is to enable hands-free door-to-destination travel.

Final Thoughts

The Celestiq will bring Cadillac’s coach-building history to life, and it won’t come cheap. Prices will start in the low range of 300,000 USD; however, the final amounts will vary greatly depending on the requests. This car can be configured to exact customer specifications to create a truly bespoke automobile, potentially doubling the price.

All Cadillac dealers will have the opportunity to sell the Celestiq, although they will have to invest heavily for this opportunity. It will be on sale for a few years and in limited quantities – Cadillac wouldn’t give further details other than to say that less than two cars a day will be built.

The 2024 Cadillac Celestiq will be built in Warren, Michigan, and sold in the United States, Canada, the Middle East and China. Production starts in December 2023.

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