The 2 Johnnies are back in America for an all-new four-part series


It’s been quite a year for The 2 Johnnies between their #1 podcast, broadcast daily on RTÉ 2FM from their custom-built studio in Cahir, a sold-out 3Arena show and the small business of a catfish called Cora.

But they had unfinished business in the United States after the first series of The 2 Johnnies Do America, so they went back there and this time it starts in Mexico, where they’re trying to enter the Land of the Free!

Returning to screens this fall, The 2 Johnnies Do America will see the duo travel the country in search of the real America.

This all-new four-part series will see the guys head to the Deep South to discover the hidden, fun, and quirky side of America, an expedition across states and cities to find material for their 2FM radio show that will be broadcast live from New York at the end of the trip.

From Atlanta to New Orleans to Nashville, the 2 Johnnies unearth the characters, tribes and communities that make up America today beyond the headlines you see on the news.

They attend Gay Pride parties and biker rallies and visit some of the most expensive homes in the world as well as abandoned neighborhoods, meeting all kinds of people and asking all kinds of questions. And of course, they have plenty of laughs along the way, all while giving us that unique Johnnies insight!

Overview of the series:

Texas – October 3 RTÉ2 9:30 p.m.

The first episode will see Tipperary’s finest begin their tour of the real America by attempting to enter the country via Mexico. After a rocky start in Juarez, the guys travel to Texas to witness one of America’s biggest motorcycle rallies where they attempt the death ball, learn about Austin’s hipster scene and play street bingo. chicken shit.

In Dallas, they take classes in Southern etiquette, herd Wagyu cattle, and eventually learn the art of Lucha Libre wrestling in Fortworth.

New Orleans and Atlanta – October 10 RTÉ2 9:30 p.m.

In Episode 2, the Johnnies travel to Louisiana and Georgia. Stopping first in New Orleans, the guys visit the 9th Ward, which was devastated by Hurricane Katrina, and meet local shopping hero Burnell Cotlon. They delve into the world of voodoo, visit Bourbon Street and New Orleans nightlife, and leave NOLA with a crabbing party on the Bayou.

In Georgia, they travel to Atlanta where they attend the Juneteenth Festival celebrating black culture in America and the end of slavery, they also visit a black-owned movie studio run by two TikTokers, explore the culinary delights of Atlanta Wings, get their first set from Grillz and finish by recording their own Trap Rap record with famous rap star K-Camp.

Louisville and Nashville – October 17 RTÉ2 9:30 p.m.

Continuing their journey through the South, the guys travel through Tennessee and Kentucky – stopping in Louisville and Nashville. The guys visit the Louisville Bats baseball team and throw out the first pitch, they meet a local police sheriff who gives them a great insight into the ways of Kentucky, and of course, they have a few mishaps along the way!

Nashville is called Music City for a reason – the city lives off country music, so the guys decide to see if they can write a new country song – with hilarious results.

Although they’re stuck on a few lyrics, they need more American inspiration, so they go to the Nashville Monster Truck Rally and get more than they bargained for. Then, back to the music and meet up with some of the most interesting “new” country artists to get advice and demo their own new song.

Receiving surprisingly positive feedback, they want to feel this new open Nashville more, so they attend the Nashville Pride Parade and meet some great people.

Armed with new enthusiasm and inspiration, they head to Jack White’s recording studio to record their track, stopping to gear up head to toe in ‘country star’ attire. . With the single recorded and looking like almost a million dollars, they have one last challenge. Can they play the song live and wow the crowd at Honky Tonk, Nashville’s biggest bar? !

New York – October 24 RTÉ2 9:30 p.m.

After an incredible journey, it’s time to head to New York to stream their 2FM radio show. In the Big Apple, they meet a Selling Sunset-style real estate agent and tour some of the glamorous homes for sale.

They go in search of New York’s best pizza with YouTube star Lil’ Mo Mozzarella, explore Harlem and get a haircut at an old-fashioned barber shop, meet a Jewish comedian and try their hand at at stand-up.

As the 4th of July holiday approaches, they dress up and take part in a Civil War battle re-enactment, meet Hasidic Jews in Crown Heights, are placed far from their comfort zone to do improv at Brooklyn, play a pick-up basketball game in the drafts and wrap up their crazy tour with their live radio show from New York on July 4.

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