Take photos with a brand new 1998 original Nintendo Gameboy camera and printer

The Gameboy camera seems to have gained popularity lately. We’ve seen a plethora of projects use one over the past few years, partly just to show off how beautifully terrible the footage is, sometimes just to push the boundaries of the technology to see what it can actually do, even film Formula 1 and disappears with him. We’ve seen 3D-printed adapters to mount EF lenses, color trichromatic photography, and even AI-enhanced color photography.

What we haven’t seen yet, however, is an unboxing of a brand new Gameboy camera and printer, straight out of 1998 and stored… well, who knows where the last 24 years are waiting to be released of their precious packaging. But that’s what we see here in Vuhlandes’ new video as he opens it up, finds out what it can do, and even tries to shoot a basketball game with it.

While the images from a Gameboy camera – or any camera from that period, regardless of price – can be compared to the cameras we have today, the images they produce have a wondrous charm that makes it interesting. At the start of the video, Vuhlandes says it’s a “Gameboy Color Camera”, although that doesn’t mean it’s a color camera. That means it’s a camera for the Gameboy Color. It’s still a monochrome camera.

His particular sample comes in the original Japanese packaging intended for the Japanese market, with clear markings on the box stating “For sale and use in Japan only and commercial rental prohibited”. I don’t expect Nintendo to sue him nearly a quarter of a century after the fact, although Nintendo can sometimes be happy in court.

While the images can be fun to take and watch, he notes a few practical issues when shooting. The Gameboy Color’s dim screen compared to the glare of stadium lights makes it very difficult to see the image while you’re shooting it, and the screen contrast leaves a lot to be desired. Shooting outdoors, he says, is much easier, although you still have to deal with some pretty terrible dynamic range.

Where Vuhlandes says it really shines, however, is as a selfie camera – which he says was probably its primary purpose – but printing these images comes with a whole different set. of problems, as he discovered, mainly due to the age of paper. . In the end, though, after making his own custom thermal paper roll, he managed to get some decent prints with it that actually look quite nice.

I still don’t think I’m going to rush out to buy one, but having wanted one as a kid, it makes me happy to see them still being used and experienced today.

Random aside… I think more YouTube videos should have a random guy appearing in the background halfway through, scrolling his phone.

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