Synopsys Digital and Custom Design Platforms Achieve Certification for TSMC L3 Process


MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., October 20, 2021 — Synopsys, Inc. today announced that it has expanded its strategic technology collaboration with TSMC to deliver a higher level of systems integration to meet the increasingly critical performance, power, and area goals for security applications. high performance computing (HPC). Leveraging Synopsys’ 3DIC Compiler platform, customers significantly advance the design of high-capacity 3D systems through efficient access to TSMC 3DFabric-based design methodologies. these The methodologies provide 3D chip stacking support in System-on-Integrated-Chips (TSMC-SoIC) technology and advanced 2.5/3D packaging support in Integrated Fan-Out (InFO) and Chip -on-Wafer-on-Substrate (CoWoS) technologies. Merging support for these advanced methodologies into the highly integrated multi-chip design of the 3DIC Compiler platform addresses the complete exploration-to-approval challenge, driving the future realization of next-generation hyperconverged 3D systems. comprising hundreds of billions of transistors in a single package.

“TSMC is working closely with our Open Innovation Platform (OIP) ecosystem partners to enable the next wave of innovation in the HPC space,” said Suk Lee, vice president of Design Infrastructure Management at TSMC. “This joint effort combining Synopsys’ 3DIC compiler platform and TSMC’s advanced chip stacking and packaging technologies will help our customers meet power and performance design requirements and achieve design success. State-of-the-art SoC for HPC applications.”

The 3DIC Compiler platform is a complete end-to-end solution for efficient multi-die 2.5/3D design and complete system integration. Built on Synopsys Fusion Design Platform’s single-data-model common infrastructure, the 3DIC Compiler platform merges transformative multi-die design capabilities and leverages Synopsys’ world-class implementation and approval technologies to deliver a complete exploration-to-approval platform – all in a single, consolidated 3DIC cockpit. This hyperconverged solution includes 2D and 3D visualization, cross-hierarchy exploration and planning, design and implementation, design for test, full system validation, and approval analysis.

“Delivering the substantial scalability needed for the growing rise of AI-centric workloads and domain-optimized computing requires bold leadership and wide-ranging, collaboration-driven innovation,” said Shankar Krishnamoorthy , Managing Director and Corporate Staff for the Silicon Realization Group at Synopsys. . “Our pioneering work with TSMC on their latest 3DFabric technology enables the imagination and realization of previously unattainable levels of 3D system integration. This leap forward in achievable performance, power and transistor bulk density will have to both impact and will help shape many existing and emerging applications and markets, leveraging TSMC’s highly accessible 3DIC Compiler platform and integration technologies.

The 3DIC Compiler platform delivers high levels of efficiency while scaling in capacity and performance to provide seamless support for diverse heterogeneous processes and stacked matrices. By leveraging built-in approval solutions including Synopsys PrimeTime time approval solution, StarRC parasitic mining approval, Tweaker The ECO closure solution and the IC Validator physical verification solution coupled with the Ansys RedHawk-SC Electrothermal family of multi-physics analysis and testability solutions with the Synopsys TestMax DFT solution, the 3DIC Compiler platform provides the best technologies of co-analysis for the fastest convergence towards robust and performing designs.

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