Subaru stops taking 2022 BRZ custom orders as supply crisis bites, buying in stock now only option

If you’ve been waiting to order a 2022 Subaru BRZ while you agonize over finding your perfect spec, you may have left it too late. In a story that will strike a chord with anyone who tried and failed to buy music festival tickets before they were all sold out 90 seconds after going live, Subaru quietly put a stop to orders customized on January 13, when a memo from the dealership surfaced on the FT86club forums shows and which we have since officially confirmed.

Although the model won’t go on sale until the fall of 2021, buyers looking for a 2022 BRZ can no longer build one of the new boxer-powered coupes to their liking. Instead, they’ll have to hope that Subaru has a car in stock somewhere in the United States that matches, or at least comes close to, their needs.

The Japanese automaker is suffering a lot from supply problems due to the pandemic and a shortage of semiconductors, and posted a drop in sales for the second consecutive year. In December, we learned that it was sitting on a massive bank of 45,000 units of unfulfilled orders, with around 10,000 vehicles added each month, as reported by auto news. The same report says Subaru’s U.S. car inventory has fallen to a five-day supply, well below its 45-day comfort level.

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But while customers can no longer configure BRZs to their liking, Subaru told us that retailers can still order cars, which means if you want a BRZ this year and are willing to compromise on the specs, you should still be able to get one. “Sold order opportunities are closed, but customers can still visit a retailer to purchase a BRZ,” a Subaru spokesperson told CarScoops. “Retailers can still get cars, but not custom orders.”

How does this affect the BRZ’s Toyota GR86 twin? Since both cars are built at the same factory in Japan, it seems possible that Toyota buyers will face the same issues. We await news from Toyota on this point and will update this story as soon as we know more.

Would this news put you off ordering a 2022 BRZ, or would you still prefer to buy from stock rather than wait a little longer to get a car in the specs and color you really want? Leave a comment and let us know.

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