Soulja Boy Launches New Footwear Brand “Soulja Stars” –

Soulja Boy has unveiled a new footwear brand with sneakers designed by the rapper himself. The Soulja Stars are sold by AliveShoes and feature a high top silhouette and flashy star detailing. According to the product’s website, the shoes are a one-off, limited-edition concept and handcrafted in Italy. Once a customer purchases a pair of Soulja Stars, listed at $279, the shoes are then produced and shipped.

The website details that the shoes are handmade with Italian leather. Soulja Boy’s design concept is described as being “inspired by futuristic themes”. A press release continued, “The special multi-paneled upper makes the shoe very customizable. Suspender belts with star stud appliques give a unique style and a very forgiving fit.

Currently, the website features a black, yellow, and white pair of Soulja stars for purchase. On the brand’s Instagram page, a white and silver pair with zebra details and a green colorway is also featured.

The AliveShoes website says the company handles production and logistics and “empowers talented, creative people around the world with the professional resources to design their own custom shoes and launch a shoe line from scratch.”

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