Skin Inc’s Sabrina Tan on the Brand’s All-New AI-Powered Skin Health App

When it comes to Singapore beauty brands, Skin Inc is an undeniably household name.

Established in 2008, the brand began as a way to serve an untapped market for personalized skincare. Its founder Sabrina Tan had merged her struggles growing up with sensitive, eczema-prone skin with her own technological background. The brand has flourished ever since and is now not only synonymous with bespoke formulations, but also with high-tech innovations.

Its latest creation is the +SABI AI: the first 360 well-being and the skin health coach app that uses algorithm and artificial intelligence and can be used in tandem with its new Tri-Light + SABI the skintechnological device. We could be lyrical about these two new tools, but we’ll let Sabrina explain their benefits to you.

Before, we talk to her about the roots of Skin Inc, milestones over the years, and the future of skincare.

Why did you start Skin Inc?

Born with sensitive, eczema-prone skin, I took a radical leap of faith with a mission to revive the beauty industry. I took a look at my variety of products which were not suitable for my sensitive and eczema prone skin. I felt like the skincare industry categorized us by skin type and ignored that each of us was a unique individual with specific needs. As a result, skin care was not personalized and was ineffective.

I wondered if there was a way to address the specific needs of everyone’s evolving skin conditions based on our lifestyle and environmental stressors. How to increase the effectiveness and performance of skin care?

Skin Inc was launched in 2008, with the world’s first personalized serum. Since, we have stayed true to our belief, “Customize, Don’t Compromise”, and we continue to innovate and deliver customization products.

Having already worked for more than a decade in the leading technology company in Silicon Valley (IBM, HP and Oracle), I wanted to marry beauty and technology. I wanted to empower customers to optimize their skincare through technology and invented one of the industry’s first LED devices to optimize their skincare. Since then, we have invented and marketed several devices to provide personalized skin technology that helps optimize skin care.

What were the biggest milestones for Skin Inc?

Unlike other Brick-and-Mortar beauty brands that have been hit hard during pandemic shutdowns globally, Skin Inc was born digital from day one and we very quickly focused on e-commerce and relevance of digital content, which has led us to 400% growth. year over year in 2020. During the lull months, we stayed in touch with our community by hosting livestream sessions with various leaders from different walks of life.

Since the start of COVID-19, it was one of the most innovative times for the company during which it gave us the opportunity to launch incredible products that sold out almost instantly. These products include Mask Liner, My Daily Dose of Armor that fights maskne, UV Hydrating Serum to fight blue light, and our first Tri-Light Body Sculpt Fit body device.

Tri-Light skintech

Tell us about the latest product innovations from Skin Inc.

Our latest launches are the +SABI AI app and the Tri-Light Skintech device. These inventions form the industry’s first powerful combination that recognizes that wellness is determined by a balance between well-being (mental, physical and emotional) and skin health.

Using artificial intelligence and a series of algorithms, the +SABI AI app analyzes consumer habits by leveraging 1.2 million profiles and facial analytics, to guide customers in tracking and personalizing their own skin health and wellness journey. The recommendations are drawn from a combination of industry-leading diagnostic mechanisms:

    • Choose your wellness and skin health goals – Express what your wellness and skin health goals are, and the app will guide you on how to improve your wellness and skin health, every day.
    • Quiz on wellness and skin identity – Analyzes lifestyle behaviors such as water intake, sleep, stress levels, menstrual cycles, blue light exposure and environmental stressors that account for up to 80% of skin health.
    • Facial scans – From a simple selfie, clients receive a 360 AI diagnosis and progressive skin report and coaching based on a computer vision assessment of eight skin health markers that include:
      • Overall skin health
      • Skin barrier
      • Acne
      • Dark circles
      • dark circles
      • Wrinkles and fine lines
      • Firmness
      • pores
      • Dark spots and pigmentation
    • Hydro-sensor technology – The sensor at the bottom of the device can help determine the level of hydration of the skin at any time, especially before and after the care recommended by the application. It creates a habit-forming routine to understand the most important part of your skin health. hydration.
    • Share your trip – Since the birth of social media, the act of sharing has been the primary driver that drives interaction and engagement and therefore +SABI AI has been designed to enable and encourage the culture of community within its interface. The heart of tits function is to take the dayrney for improvement and progress in tandem with others – for encouragement, recognition, feedback and guidance. Wins and setbacks can be shared with your #SkinTwin by using the app to share your results with your friends across all social media platforms.
    • UV Index & Pollution The app provides location-specific UV Index and pollution level recommendations based on the world’s largest weather database.

We will soon be releasing other features such as “Nasties Scanner”, Weather and skin, and Apple/Android health app connection so that we can help our customers get more live “coaching” on their well-being. being and the health of their skin.

What inspired you to create the +SABI AI app?

2022 is a year where Skin Inc makes possible the next level of personalization for every customer with the launch of the world’s first 360-degree skin health and wellness coach app.

The +SABI AI application is inspired by wabi-sabi (侘寂) – the Japanese aesthetic that extols the elusive beauty of imperfection and the appreciation of natural objects and the forces of nature. The +SABI AI application is designed with the aim of improving the well-being and health of the skin of customers. It recognizes and accepts the beauty of imperfections, such as wabi-sabi.

The +SABI AI app is the very first on the market that combines:

  • Diagnostics on lifestyle and environmental exposure and stressors (like water, alcohol consumption, blue screen exposure, stress among others)
  • Computer vision and AI recommendations based on daily face scans
  • Hydrosensor technology to track moisture levels, a major factor in skin health
  • Monitoring and recommendations of UV and pollution indices
  • Ability to share your overall wellness and skin health score with your #skintwin

Skin Inc is always on the cutting edge of technology. How do you and your brand deal with constant innovation?

Data and information enable us to meet consumer needs. We’ve accumulated over a million skin profiles and are constantly delivering skin and now wellness technologies that meet their unique needs.

Thanks to the recent partnership with +SABI AI, we will be able to capitalize on even more information in the near future to deliver innovations that meet the needs of our customers in the field of wellness and skin health around the world. entire.

How do you think the pandemic has changed consumer behavior towards skincare?

Since the pandemic, we are seeing more and more consumers prioritizing personal care at home, and as a result, they are more inclined to invest in skincare. I believe that skincare is an integral part of self-care. In fact, self-care is at the heart of what we do. Skin Inc isn’t just about skincare or body care, it’s a holistic brand with you in mind.

Plus, because of our Japanese and Korean heritage, we’ve always believed wellness comes from within, and now we believe feeling good is the new beauty.

What’s a skincare secret no one would expect from you?

One of my skincare secrets is something I learned from my mother. Growing up, I would wake up and my mom would serve me and my brothers hot soy milk. It was so good because it gave you a bit of sweetness and warmth while quenching your morning thirst! I later learned that soy milk is a good source of antioxidants known as isoflavones which is good for your skin as it is known to reduce the appearance of skin aging and gives our skin its rebound.

What is the future of skincare for you?

For Skin Inc, the big trends that are about to explode and that have been part of our DNA since its inception is the concept of wellness from within – meaning that what you put into your body and How you treat yourself not only determines your skin care, but your entire health. .

With our latest developments in AI, we hope to provide our consumers with information that will enable them to make more informed decisions that will improve their overall well-being, a combination of mental, emotional, physical and health well-being. the skin.

What’s next for Skin Inc?

At Skin Inc, our consumers are at the heart of everything we do, ensuring that we continue to provide personalized wellness and skin health to meet their unique needs. My team and I are still focused on the following pillars to drive the development of Skin Inc: Continue our global expansion and build a strong community of #skinnovators and stay true to a “less is more” wellness approach and developing skin health and wellness as a service by pursuing great innovations to deliver even more personalized services to our customers.

We will continue to monitor developments around AI, providing our consumers with the ability to make more informed wellness decisions.

The +SABI AI app is available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The Tri-Light + SABI The skincare device is on, The skin Inc. Flagship concept store at ION Orchard, The skin Inc. Institute at Scotts Square and Sephora.

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