Shaun White Launches New Snowboard Brand, ‘WHITESPACE’

This seems the natural thing to do: longtime pros are sponsored by brands for years – see John John Florence, Dane Reynolds and Julian Wilson – then leave said brands to start their own businesses. Among them is Olympic snowboarder Shaun White.

White recently announced the launch of his new snowboard brand, WHITESPACE, with a social media post (above). “We decided how the product would be rolled out, we would do a soft launch,” he said. “I went ahead and made 50 boards. I signed them, numbered them… and the products will be rolled out next season.

According to the WHITESPACE site, these 50 boards are sold out. White says he partnered with his brother on the project, which he adds has been an inspiration in every part of his life.

Apparently, White hasn’t had a primary gear sponsor in quite some time. The last glaring image of him on a Burton Snowboard, his longtime sponsor, on his social media was in July 2020. There are images of him using custom boards and even a Kemper in February and March of last year . He addressed his sponsorship status in a story with the Associated press last season.

“I’m a snowboarder,” he said. “And I hate to say ‘entrepreneur’, but it’s just about investing in brands and keeping the rest of the slate clean right now. Instead of looking at the short term, it’s about looking at the next 10 years and see things that I might want to be involved in long term.

According to PA, White had been tinkering with the designs for her new brand over the past year in preparation for the launch. He recently announced that he has made the 2022 Winter Olympics team. The Games begin in Beijing on February 4.

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