Sartoris Digital Expands Into Custom Design Digital Marketing in Small Business Sector


Founder Nick Collins Focuses On Accessibility In Expanding His Digital Marketing Business To Better Serve Small Businesses

Nick Collins, founder of Sartoris Technologies and Sartoris Digital, announces the expansion of its offerings in his digital technology company. The evolution of Sartoris Technologies, launched in 2013, to Sartoris Digital invites owners of small and medium-sized businesses to use its services, including tailor-made digital marketing packages to suit a wide range of budgets.

Sartoris Digital, the rebranding of Sartoris Technologies, is a bespoke digital marketing agency that offers website development, paid advertising, social media management and search engine optimization (SEO) in addition to its work well-known custom software development. The company mainly focused on large businesses as its customer base before the 2019 pandemic. Due to the shutdown of many businesses during this time, Collins has pivoted to serve heavily impacted small and medium businesses looking for ways. new and more effective in reaching their customers in this increasingly digital world.

Collins has experience working with Fortune 500 and 100 companies such as airlines, sporting goods, pharmaceuticals, financial services, and startups. With this specialized skill set, he hopes to spread his knowledge to those who previously could not access these resources. “Sartoris”, which means “tailor” in Latin, now aims to do exactly what the name suggests: create personalized marketing packages to include budding entrepreneurs who have not yet ventured into the digital sector.

“Think of a men’s suit. When you buy a bespoke costume, you get one that’s unique to you. Someone is taking the time to read your measurements, where you need extra support and what assets need to be highlighted, ”Collins said. “It’s the same approach we take to create digital marketing software and campaigns for our clients. We tailor and design their software and marketing to fit how their business works, to make sure it looks and performs the best it can.

Small business owners can explore the world of digital marketing with confidence thanks to Collins’ user-friendly approach. He wants to make sure that with Sartoris’ expansion, no one is scared who could potentially benefit from it. Collins believes that anyone who owns any good or service, no matter how small, has the right to learn how to thrive in the digital sector.

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