Record sales in the fourth quarter? Leading online store of personalized products gives its opinion


REHOBOTH BEACH, Del. – October 14, 2021 – (

According to Tomer Nahumi, CEO of the giant of online personalized products, this holiday season is set to be another record breaking season, but that largely depends on where in the world customers shop, as explained Statistical research this shows that the pandemic has affected retail shopping around the world.

After a record year 2020 for e-commerce sales, many e-merchants are wondering whether to expect similar or better results for the holiday season 2021. After all, we are still not living. not in a post-pandemic world and many consumers have become very accustomed to shopping online. Those who have never shopped online before now have the confidence, and even a few favorite brands, to shop online like never before.

In areas that still have regular blockages and where life has still not “returned to normal”, there is still above-normal purchasing activity. Regions like Australia and Western Europe are still experiencing high numbers of COVID cases and lockdowns enacted by their respective governments. This has led to a boom in online shopping in these regions. In addition, in parts of the United States such as New York and California, there is clearly more online shopping activity than normal.

But in areas without restrictive lockdowns – like Texas and Florida, online shopping is only slightly above 2019 levels and well below peak shopping in 2020.

Marketers at leading e-merchants are expected to focus their marketing budgets on areas where customers are more likely to buy online this fourth quarter. These are areas that are likely to still have heavy restrictions during Black Friday and areas that typically experience adverse weather conditions during the winter months.

However, due to unpredictability in today’s world, Q4 2021 can still vary widely. Supply chain issues, a tanking economy, and a cluttered mail system all pose great risks to online shopping.

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Record sales in the fourth quarter? Leading online store of personalized products gives its opinion

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