Rainbow Six Extraction Merges with MSI Crosshair 15 for Synergistic Branded $ 1,999 Laptop

Rainbow Six Extraction is on the way, as is its special Link PC courtesy of MSI. Ubisoft and MSI have teamed up to produce the Crosshair 15, a powerful laptop packed with the hardware needed to play Extraction smoothly and look stylish while doing it.

If you are not familiar with Rainbow Six Extraction, know that it is the renowned Rainbow Six Quarantine, a Siege spin-off that was announced a long time ago. While Siege was a special PvP experience, Extraction will focus on the cooperative PvE experience.

You can now expect to play Extraction on a laptop that is custom designed to remind you that you are playing Extraction. It’s a sickly yellow and a greyish black, the two themed colors of the Ubisoft game, and it features smooth aesthetic textures and touches that evoke more of the feeling of you being a high-tech Special Forces soldier in the field rather than ‘a simple geek playing an Ubisoft Game.

It’s your choice if the aesthetics and material of the laptop justifies the price. But if you’re not sold, check out the best gaming laptops for alternatives that might suit your tastes better. Or check out the endless onslaught of laptop announcements happening thanks to CES 2022, where you’re sure to find a new favorite machine to spend on or on a watchlist.

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