Phasmophobia gets a whole new development roadmap

The developer behind Phasmophobia, Kinetic, recently released an updated roadmap for the horror game, diving into the details of what players can expect from the team going forward. The studio outlined all of its planned updates for the rest of 2022 and at least part of 2023. These include revised weather, remade ghosts, custom difficulty, and a few secret surprises.

“Welcome Ghostbusters and Truck Dwellers, we have news for you,” reads the official announcement on Steam. “We thought we’d spend a short time recapping how development went in 2022 and give you an updated version of the roadmap we released earlier this year. As you can see, things didn’t exactly go as planned!


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Kinetic went on to explain what went wrong and how the company now intends to approach the development process. “This roadmap now more accurately represents what we have achieved this year and what we plan to do in the future. We want to be transparent and realistic in our plans to ensure we don’t have to delay things in the future or force mini-updates to fill in the gaps. Kinetic noted that “development doesn’t always go exactly to plan, so in this new roadmap we’re allowing a little more room for things to go wrong. If all goes well, that just means we can be ahead of schedule and release updates earlier.

Phasmophobia will get several new locations and a series of small changes will be made to existing locations. The next update will feature custom difficulty and some of the aforementioned secrets, all of which “will be revealed when the update trailer drops very soon.” Revised weather and a major lighting adjustment are currently planned for later this year.

The game’s biggest update, progression, has been split into three parts. This will be fully implemented at some point in 2023.” The progression updates will be the biggest programming and art overhaul Phasmophobia will ever receive, with many systems, models, and animations completely reworked or created from scratch,” says Kinetic. “Hopefully, by breaking this up into several smaller updates, it allows you to discover new things slowly over time, instead of having to wait six months or more for a massive patch.”

The progression update will include new gear and challenges as well as level changes. “Once progression is complete, we’ll get to the last part of Phasmophobia that needs reworking, Horror 2.0. We will be replacing all ghost models and adding a plethora of new effects, events, sounds, and interactions to spook you,” Kinetic remarks.

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