Peter Saville updates Ferragamo brand identity with custom typeface


British graphic designer Peter Saville has created an updated brand identity for Italian fashion house Ferragamo, transforming its handwritten logo into a custom serif typeface that references stone inscriptions.

The fashion house revealed its new name and logo through an Instagram post captioned “Salvatore Ferragamo becomes FERRAGAMO”.

The updated one-word logotype, designed by renowned British graphic designer and art director Saville, was featured on a dark red background.

Savilled created the custom typeface for Ferragamo by translating his old handwritten logo into a serif typeface.

“[Peter Saville] designed a modernist take on a classic typeface, reminiscent of the classic stone inscriptions that inspired Renaissance artists,” Ferragamo said.

“The founder’s writing translates into a punchy serif typeface, refined, affirmative as evidence, in tense tension between classicism and modernity.”

Updated brand identity revealed on Instagram

Saville was also inspired by the history of Ferragamo, founded in Florence, when designing the logo.

“Florence’s fairness is in the corporate culture: that led me to choose a classic typeface,” Saville said of her design. “The vision is demanding and modern. Subsequently, the font is reduced and becomes modernist.”

“Then there is the craft which is in essence Ferragamo, which condenses into the idea of ​​an inscription engraved in stone,” he continued. “It is in this tension that lies the new logotype and the complex balance it expresses.”

The updated identity also saw “Salvatore” omitted from the company name, signifying a new era for the 95-year-old fashion house formerly known as Salvatore Ferragamo. It was first revealed before creative director Maximilian Davis presented his debut collection at Milan Fashion Week.

The old Ferragamo logo, which identified the brand from 1982 to 2022, was an interpretation of the personal signature of its founder Salvatore Ferragmo. It was created from a custom typeface and featured a cursive handwritten look.

“History is a huge treasure for a house that owns it,” said Ferragamo CEO Marco Gobbetti. “The new Ferragamo logo contains and expands both history and present.”

“Far from being a simple logo, it is a program that will frame and direct the new chapter that is about to be written.

The simplification of brand logos is part of a branding trend that has seen many fashion brands and tech companies implement more streamlined, sans serif logotypes.

While working for French fashion house Saint Laurent, French fashion designer and Céline creative director Hedi Slimane quickly changed the brand’s logo, dropping Yves from its name and introducing a sans serif typeface. .

The new logo was inspired by the brand’s Rive Gauche ready-to-wear line launched by Yves Saint Laurent in 1966. Slimane was also responsible for removing the accent from Celine’s logo to better resemble its original design. of the 1960s.

In 2018, shortly after Ricardo Tisci was named creative director of British fashion house Burberry, Saville worked with the house to develop a new graphic identity that included a new logo and monogram.

Saville replaced the brand’s Burberry Equestrian Knight logo which used the bespoke Bodoni typeface, used by the brand since 1901, with a sans serif type.

Image courtesy of Ferragamo.

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