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SCOTTSDALE, AZ (3 on your side) – In a sea of ​​fabrics and rhinestones, Julia Gorchakova is busy following her clients who want new dresses for their ballroom dance competitions. “I have to extend my custom designs,” Gorchakova told 3 On Your Side. “It used to be eight to ten weeks. Right now we’re probably 15 to 16 weeks.”

Gorchakova says her biggest challenge is the shortage of employees. It also faces backlogs due to supply chain issues. “Rhinestones sometimes, we ask for a certain amount, and they do not send [all of it],” she said.

Other businesses face much longer and more severe delays in getting what they want. “From the moment you pay for your order to leave the factory or the port, you’re really in luck if you can get your merchandise in two months,” said Jason Boyce, e-commerce and chain expert. supply.

3 On Your Side Heads To Port Of LA For Latest Supply Chain Issues

The ripple effect of the supply chain crisis in the United States begins with factories overseas, which are facing their own shortages of materials and workers. Once the products are manufactured, they are loaded onto trucks, then onto freighters to cross the ocean.

“Usually seven to ten days, in the worst case scenario, then it pulls over,” Boyce said. “He’s just sitting, anchored at the port until somebody, a crane operator, a truck trailer and a driver are available on the other side to deal with it, get it through customs, put it on a trailer and take it out. “

The supply chain is playing with the golden spongy dumpling everyone wants

The average waiting time for ships at anchor to enter the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach is more than 18 days, according to data from the Port of Los Angeles. But the bottleneck doesn’t stop at the docks.

“If you’re lucky enough to have all of these things online and your container shows up at your warehouse door and you can have staff to unload it, the next thing that’s hard now is you have to get some Delivery trucks show up to pick it up to bring it to your consumer, ”Boyce added.

It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of jobs are currently available in the trucking and warehouse industries.

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“As the cargo started to increase, we set up flexible hours, opening the doors a little earlier, staggering lunches, working a little later between day and night shifts while still providing 24/7 capacity. 24/7 here at the port, “said Gene Seroka, executive director of the Port of Los Angeles.” It’s an effort to try to get this whole orchestra of supply chain players on board. on the same schedule. We have had very few takers to date. “

Gorchakova and her team take on challenges to get their creations on the dance floor. “We will do the right thing,” she said.

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