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The pastel and kawaii aesthetic is popular everywhere, but especially in Animal crossing-when it comes to designing your own town or island. Some of the most popular Animal crossing the villagers themselves are pastels!

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There are players who excel at interior design and players who excel at designing clothing. If you are the first and not the second, or if you are neither, receiving advice can be very useful … as well as having ideas in the face. Here are some ideas!

Fight evil in the moonlight

The kind of magical girls in the anime thrives on pink and glitter. Some people’s take on the glory of pastel includes this magical and sparkling theme! If you were a fan of nice remedy Where Sailor moon as a child, there are definitely custom designs for you. This coat from Juli gives you that aesthetic by keeping warm while looking cute!

Simple but cute

This plaid dress is very simple but still captures that adorable look you love. Everything doesn’t have to be dipped in pastels to convey cuteness in all its form. Wearing a t-shirt under a dress with spaghetti straps is a trendy style that is catching on in real life. It’s a trendy and cute dress that gets the point across.


It brings you a bit of pastel goth with the harness action happening on this piece. He’s like a badass, but make him adorable as hell.

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There are different levels of pastel styles, from innocent-kawaii to mature-cute. This dress has a cooler look that always keeps those colors you love.

Thanks, it’s from Forever 21

Simpler designs that incorporate pastels rather than being the very definition of pastel are more common for people to wear on the street than fuzzy and pink outfits.

Hat in the Clouds is trendy and cute. He doesn’t fall too deep into the pink fantasy, he just plunges his toes into it. Everyone wants a cute hat that is the icing on the cake … of your head, really. Even if you don’t wear anything too fancy, a nice hat will help you a lot.

Even Sailor Moon has to sit back and relax

Another magical girls themed look brought to you by Diskette. This dress gives you Sailor Moon visiting Sailor Mars in her sanctuary for a pizza party. Pastel Moon Robe is something to get comfortable with when doing quick chores on a cool calm night while the stars are shining in the distance.

Fall mood, but make it pink

The warm tones of this peachy pink color make the sweater look like it’s for people in the fall who don’t want to sacrifice their pinks for the usual fall browns and oranges.

With this Cherry sweater, you are sure to stay comfy and kawaii at the same time for cold and cold days. You will also be able to represent the fruits of your island with pride! If it’s cherries of course. If not, then you can represent your favorite fruit to eat!

A little cute, a little groovy

Are you feeling a little groovy? Too trendy to stop maybe? This sweater is elegant and unique for pastel outfits. It still counts as pastel, due to its range of shades. The shapes and style almost refer to the 1990s designs that are typically found on inexpensive mugs or TV show logos.

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The colors in this piece will match the rest of your pretty island, but the shapes they create will add a quirky change to things as well.

Uh … he’s just hibernating

Pastel-Goth includes tons of purple in exchange for the black you find with a normal Gothic look. The style also includes some slightly dark content which is somewhat less gloomy due to the fun colors added to it and the cute artistic style of said content.

This Dead Bear sweater is exactly that. Sure, the locals on your island will wonder about your motives for a split second, but forget about it because you look so cute!

Kawaii! Except there’s a blizzard outside

Let’s admit it. A fluffy pink coat for the winter is something that many wish they had. Most winter jackets in real life are terribly boring and dare you say, ugly! Yes, they can be practical because of that, but whatever! Adding tons of fur, or faux fur, to a jacket is sure to make it just as practical.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons came out in the spring. Players are running wild and free in tank tops and dresses, so it’s best to be prepared for winter with this pink bunny dress!

The milkman is at the door, honey

For some reason, cartons and bottles of milk are a common item when looking in kawaii objects. Maybe it’s because the Japanese make just about everything super adorable or maybe because … no, that must be the only reason.

Strawberry milk, do you like it? Roses with a red undertone provide a different level of cuteness that cannot be expressed. Strawberries, watermelons, all types of juicy fruits can be referenced in this shade. Who doesn’t like fruit?

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