Pandemic supply chain issues are pushing businesses to seek new local solutions



BOCA RATON, Fla .– Many industries have been hit hard by the pandemic, and supply chain issues are causing problems for many people in day-to-day operations.

“So it was a perfect storm,” said Nikki Levy of Nikki Levy Interiors. “We have an influx of people and the entire commercial industry has suffered a lot. We don’t have workers. No materials. Shipping has dropped dramatically. Our suppliers are under a lot of pressure.

The “perfect storm” spawns positive solutions and silver liners in this case.

“If the pandemic hadn’t forced us to find new paths, we would never have met these people,” she said.

Levy said it had been a year like no other at his interior design business. She had more plans.

“People from the north and across the west have discovered that there is a beauty to living in Florida,” Levy said. “We have beautiful neighborhoods and large spaces.

Fewer products are currently available, however.

“No foam. No electrical components. No fabrics. No leathers, ”she said. “It puts tremendous pressure. “

It turned to new solutions to stay afloat, increasing its workforce from four to 10 people.

“We do the same amount of work, but designing and redesigning, over and over again,” she said.

They turned to new ways of finding items.

“We started to design custom furniture, which opened up a whole new path for us,” she said. “We were very dependent on the big manufacturers. “

His team also supports local businesses.

“What I absolutely loved, loved about the positive outcome of this experience, is that we have recruited so many local niche suppliers, who are right around the corner, able to come up with custom designs, able to respond to our production demands, ”she said.

For Cadance Neustein, who lives in Boca Raton, this was a first.

“I had never taken this route before hiring an interior designer,” she said. “When we couldn’t get it right, we made adjustments and made it work. “

She said that patience these days goes a long way to filling the virgin slate with beauty.

“Surprised? No,” she said. “I don’t think anyone expected it to last that long, and I think that’s where people are getting more and more frustrated.”

Now pivoting, learning new skills, and using what’s available is the name of the game now.

“Even though it was very difficult for us, it was a positive experience,” said Levy.

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