Overcome Electronic Component Supply Chain Disruptions with Spectra


SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Getting products to market today has become a difficult endeavor as supply chain channels face constant disruptions and routine delays. That’s why Nexar, a business unit of Altium LLC, launched the spectra Electronic industry data suite of information. These offerings help companies better anticipate electronics component shortages, mitigate risk, and make smarter sourcing decisions. Spectra’s insights help companies not only respond to current market conditions, but also get their products to market ahead of the competition.

Nexar’s unique position in the industry provides a broad view of the electronics market. The Index from electronic design to delivery (EDDI) is one of Spectra’s inaugural tools. A free monthly report, EDDI helps companies identify trends by collating historical data for millions of electronic components – two years worth of information – providing current global inventory availability and how that compares to a pre-pandemic benchmark of January 2020.

The EDDI consists of two parts: the Industry Supply Index, which provides a view of inventory trends, and the Industry Demand Index, which reveals how difficult it will be to get parts. The parts information provided by EDDI is a valuable resource when making critical supply chain decisions, such as selecting components or finding alternative parts. EDDI is an effective tool that can be added to many workflows, including design and supply chain, to proactively identify and address categories and components of concern.

In the near future, Spectra will launch Supply Chain Resilience (SCR), a custom Bill of Materials (BOM) analysis that uses unique information only available from Nexar to identify supply chain risks and opportunities. Designers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), purchasing specialists and senior executives can avoid supply issues by using SCR’s detailed data to identify problem parts and secure replacements to create a more resilient nomenclature. This custom report will help companies understand their supply chain risks on specific parts so they can be proactive with sourcing rather than reactive to market conditions.

Supply chain disruptions are the new standard for the electronics industry for the foreseeable future. The data provided by the Spectra Suite helps businesses and industry professionals respond more strategically to changing market conditions. Spectra provides a clear view of the current electronics component landscape, enabling smarter decision making when sourcing parts.

To learn more about Spectra’s suite of data intelligence products, visit nexar.com/spectra.

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Nexar is a Business Unit of Altium, LLC (ASX: ALU). Altium, LLC, is a San Diego, California-based global software company accelerating the pace of innovation through electronics. For more than 30 years, Altium has provided software that maximizes the productivity of PCB designers and electrical engineers. From individual inventors to multinational corporations, more and more PCB designers and engineers are choosing Altium software to design and build electronic products.

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