Over 300 buckets of supplies shipped from Clarksville to Ukrainian refugees, 500 more buckets needed

CLARKSVILLE, TN (NOW CLARKSVILLE) – More than 300 Ukrainian refugee families will receive help from Clarksville through an effort by Trenton Crossing Church of Christ, and the effort is continuing.

The church serves as a local hub for Healing Hands International to support the Family Bucket project for Ukrainian refugees, according to Chris Middleton.

Last week, the church urged donors to fill buckets provided with basic supplies needed by refugee families.

On Monday, the church delivered 303 filled buckets to Healing Hands International in Nashville. They encountered more than 2,000 buckets from six other Nashville-area hubs, Middleton said.

“Thanks to the quick action and support of the Clarksville community, we were able to collect enough buckets to get the first of four shipping containers to Poland and into the hands of Ukrainian families,” Middleton said.

“While this initial effort was a great success, we still have 500 more buckets in Trenton Crossing that need more Clarksville families to help fill them with supplies.”

To join the effort, meet at the Church of Christ at Trenton Crossing, 2650 Trenton Road, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. for pick up or drop off. Each bucket comes with a list of supplies needed.

“We plan to make deliveries over the next few Sunday afternoons from what we collect until all remaining buckets are filled,” Middleton said.

Donors are welcome to take more than one bucket, but should only take what they are able to fill and return.

For more information, visit the Healing Hands International website.

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