NJ Manufacturer, keeps US manufacturers running smoothly with reduced supply chain stresses and extended life cycles


Precision machined plastic gears for heavy industrial applications.

iNTECH’s precision-machined polymer gears or cam followers provide several benefits, including extended maintenance cycles, uninterrupted production, and superior strength and durability.

Intech Corporation of Closter NJ – Introducing new product lines proven to extend the life cycle of industrial equipment. In the face of rising energy prices, lightweight and easy-to-move components have reduced production line energy consumption by up to 25%. Using proprietary calculations and modern material production plants, they run an average of 2-4 times longer than traditional power transmissions and industrial bearing components.

Longer lasting supply chain disruptions can be a game changer. Additionally, the company’s ability to use performance data collected over many years has given it a leg up on the competition when it comes to developing new plastic products. Their engineers were able to use this data to improve product designs, making them more durable and long-lasting. The company continues to invest in research and development to maintain its competitive edge and provide its customers with the best possible products. This commitment to innovation has allowed Intech to become one of the leading suppliers of industrial polymer components in the country.

Precision machined polymers offer several advantages over traditional metal components or injection molded parts. They are lighter, reducing machine wear. They are also more resistant to corrosion, making them ideal for use in harsh environments. Additionally, engineered polymers have a higher melting point, allowing them to withstand high temperatures without deforming. This makes them ideal for use in applications such as FDA Washdowns, Prepreg, Saltwater or Electrolyte processing environments.

Precision-machined gears can be made from a variety of engineering thermoplastics, including its PowerCore, PEEK, Nylon, and Acetal material. These materials provide an excellent balance of strength, stiffness and toughness. Additionally, they have a low coefficient of friction and are self-lubricating, making them ideal for use in high-speed, high-pressure applications. Custom Precision machined gears are available in various standards and custom sizes. Custom plastic gears can be precision machined to AGMA 11+ grade, 7 times more accurate than average injection molded gears, making them ideal for use in critical applications where tight tolerances are required. Additionally, Intech PowerCore machined polymer components can be custom designed to meet an engineer’s specific application needs.

For engineers looking for a product that will save money and keep production running smoothly, it would be wise to invest in precision machined polymer gears or cam followers. These polymer components offer many advantages, including extended maintenance cycles, uninterrupted production, and superior strength and durability. Engineered polymers are very versatile and can be used in a variety of applications. So if a company is looking for an investment that will pay off quickly, they should consider investing in engineered polymer components.

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