New fashion brand, Altruesm, enters the market to change the way shopping is done

Altruesm spreads positivity with its premium collection of apparel, accessories and home decor.

Altruesm, a young clothing brand and online fashion store founded by women, adds depth and meaning to the shopping experience. Its mission is to bring high quality, affordable and inspiring clothing to women while offering initiatives that lead to the greater good. For every purchase, Altruesm donates a Hope Bag to outreach organizations that empower and support women across the United States.

According to the founders of Altruesm, the brand was created out of a desire to make positive changes in the lives of others. Having faced hardships such as Post Pardum Despression themselves, the founders wanted to help empower women struggling with their current situation in life.

Hope bags are inspirational pouches that contain practical necessities, resources and gifts that lift spirits and prolong feelings of hope. Each Hope Bag contains different items depending on the unique needs of each organization. However, they are all filled with what is needed at the moment. Bags of Hope are sent to homeless shelters, maternal health clinics, mental health organizations and other women’s empowerment outreach programs.

To date, Altruesm supports three organizations in Pennsylvania. These are Chester County Hospital Maternal Fetal Clinic, Better Days Ahead In-need Outreach, and The House – Phoenixville Women’s Outreach. The brand looks forward to supporting more organizations across the United States in the future.

“Shopping doesn’t have to be a surface-level business. With our organization, you can go the extra mile to help another woman while shopping for unique, fashionable and positive clothing,” explains the Altruesm team.

By purchasing Altruesm’s products, customers not only get what they want for themselves, but they also give back to those who need help. Their products inspire people to support a worthy cause and spread feelings of positivity.

As Altruesm says, “You can look good and do good at the same time.”

Altruesm’s product collection features a unique mix of premium bags, jewelry and beach towels. It also showcases high-quality pieces of carefully selected women’s clothing and custom hand-painted denim jackets.

Each item is carefully selected to bring smiles to faces and show off the unique charm of whoever wears it. Each article is designed to empower women and help them build confidence.

With the launch of its online store, the brand is eager to make a difference and change the way people think about shopping. Altruesm hopes that with his services he can inspire more initiatives that give hope to women.

Explore Altruesm’s collection of fun and positive apparel and help make a difference today:

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