My City – Eight Authentic Nepalese Brands at the Monsoon Brand Nepal 2022 Carnival


Organized by Radio Nagarik, on May 22, 2022, there will be various authentic brands that offer delicious food, fashionable clothes as well as various accessories during the grand event. These brands are unique in their own way and cater to all age groups. Here is a list of eight Nepalese brands participating in this year’s Monsoon edition of the “Brand Nepal Go Local” carnival.


Naromi Handicrafts is a women owned and operated handicraft brand established in 2020 with the main goal of providing handicrafts that are readily available, affordable and sustainable. The different products available from Naromi are; masks of different sizes (G1 to G11, F1 to F8, A1 to A5, W1 to W7, D1 to D6), bracelets with different patterns including the daisy charm, blue for sincerity, white for peace, the yellow for happiness. Likewise, there are handmade woolen socks in different colors. You can also find hand painted tote bags with a chain and a side pocket inside. The bags are water resistant and available in Dhaka fabric. Additionally, this brand also offers hand-embroidered sets, custom-embroidered denim, pouch (sunflower, rosie), mask strap holder, and shopping bags.


Pawsome is an online store for pet products like pet bandanas, pet outfits and more. They are proud to be the first pet bandana store in Nepal. Created with the motive of helping street animals where 10% of profits are dedicated to them. Their main vision on starting Paw-some is not just to earn profit, but to help street fur babies. So behind every product there is an emotional connection and a motive. These products include: pet outfit in different designs; which are Baucha outfits and skirts called Maicha, Bhintuna and brocade. There are also other outfits named Navy, Floral, Mistletoe, Buttercup, Flower, Ruby, Retro, Yeti, etc. Outfits for your pet are available in different sizes, from the largest to the smallest. Likewise the outfit is also available in full sleeve (frosty, cherry), Sunny Sweater, and outfits with several themes like Valentine, Batman, Reindeer, Santa, Preety and Zebra.

You can also get personalized food bowl, comfortable beds in all sizes including King size and different colors like black, chocolate brown, peach and gray. The brand also makes bandanas for your furry friend such as Olive Bandana, Luffy Bandana, Marvel Bandana, RIRI Bandana, etc., as well as matching scrunchies. Similarly, you can also get pet socks as well as nail clippers and a file.

Shibori Nepal

Shibori Nepal is a local brand that responds to the love of handmade Nepalese products. They make maximum use of natural materials and integrate traditional local craftsmanship for each of their creations. They also follow slow fashion, where they only make to order. Avoiding wastage or unwanted inventory going to landfill, they also do bespoke catering for all sizes. Shibori Nepal’s product is also made for babies and includes custom made kurtha with full buttons, kurtha with embroidered details and surwal, layered kurtha with solid red bow with surwal and holi outfit. Outfits for women include Fulpati set in Blue, Dori Dress, Cringkle kurtha, as well as maternity clothes named Daisy Dress, Sweet Pea (hand-dyed summer dress), Tokyo Top, Lagos, Mongolia, Manarola, etc. On the other side, there are also men’s kurthas in different colors like peach pink, green, purple.

i am the gardener

I am the Gardener is a contemporary garden center to meet all the plant needs of customers. They provide one-stop gardening solutions – from plant sales (indoor, outdoor and seasonal) to raw materials such as nursery equipment needed for gardening to after-sales service. They also have an app and website for plant enthusiasts so they can easily access the plants of their choice with hassle-free delivery services. Products include a succulent collection, sunflower pots available in 3 sizes that can be purchased as a set or separately. Likewise, ceramic pots are also in stock. The brand sells different varieties of plants for interior decoration such as Golden-eye Dallia, Dhupi, Bonsai pot, Peace Lily, Ficus Delta, etc.

desi gurb

Desi Grub wants to promote superfoods that have been part of our traditional homes (whether high Himalayan or lowland) for ages but are now long lost. Their products not only delight your taste buds, but they also have tremendous medicinal properties that prevent and treat countless diseases with their natural properties without any additives or chemicals. By selling pure and unaltered herbal products and their blends in the Nepalese markets and worldwide, they want to provide healthy and wholesome experience to their customers. Moreover, they aim to be a green company and almost all of their products are packaged in glass or paper packaging. Desi Grub’s product consists of Natural Skin Healer, Premium Wild Thyme Tea, Pure Persian Saffron, Herbel Immune Tea, Pure Extra Virgin 1005 Apricot Kernel Oil and Raw White Honey .


Faiza is a Nepalese Ittar/Attar brand that offers a non-alcoholic, long-lasting and unisex fragrance. Available every Saturday at Labim Mall, Pulchowk from 2pm to 7pm, their flavors range from fruity to musky smells. Faiza’s journey began in February and they now have a collection of over 15 fragrances lined up. Some of the flavors available are Giani, Poison, David, Dew, Mizyan, Green Diesel, CWW, Cool Water, CK Pink, Chocolate, Gucci Rush, Cigar, and One Million.

Adjustment box and adjustment bar

Fitbox is an online food delivery service that delivers healthy meals to your doorstep, giving you an easier approach to a healthier lifestyle. Since people are extremely busy these days, which limits what they can cook or when they can cook, they help their customers with healthy meals tailored to their needs and cooked with the best ingredients. They also specialize in subscription-based programs with fast delivery every day without having to call and order every day. The meal plan includes 15 meals; staple meal, low calorie meal, high calorie meal, keto meal, luxury meal, fresh salad, fruit bowl, healthy and vegan, 100% vegan meal, homemade pasta, roasted vegetables, green salad, 2 for 1 and sandwiches.

Likewise, Fitbar, is an energy bar, organic and healthy, that you can take everywhere, when you are busy or somewhere far away in the mountains. They have different flavors made with organic ingredients like peanut, butter, honey, almond, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, and oats.

Choco Raksi Nepal

Choco Raksi Nepal is Nepal’s first and only premium artisan liquor chocolate. As the name “choko” means chocolate and “raksi” means Liqueur (Nepali language). CHOKORAKSI intends to create a drunken explosion of HAPPY-SESH for every moment, from celebrations to gifts. Launched in mid-2021, the brand aims to bring change to the confectionery and souvenir industry in Nepal. Choko Raksi, a therapeutic delight comes in a box of Choko Raksi assorted chocolates with four flavors of whiskey, vodka, rum and brandy with Midnight Dark and Galaxy White chocolate.

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