M&M’s Reveals Global Redesign Alongside New Brand Lens

M&M’s started the year with changes to its visual design and a stronger focus on brand purpose, with a new mission to “create a world where everyone belongs.” This will be reflected in a refreshed tone of voice that parent company Mars promises to be “more inclusive, welcoming and unifying, while remaining rooted in our buffoon spirit and humor” – which will be an interesting balancing act.

The logo’s ampersand was featured prominently in JKR’s new visual design, in an effort to represent how the brand brings people together. The borders around each letterform have also been removed, and a new family of curvaceous custom typefaces, All Together, has been developed. It’s a playful bit of type design thanks to details like the positioning of the counters and the exaggerated ink traps, which form a smiley face in the lowercase ‘e’, ​​for example.

The colors of the chocolates are highlighted in the new palettes used throughout the identity, bringing in the kind of 70s feel that has gone down well at Burger King, helping to retain a sense of fun with the design of movement.

“From new product innovations to brand campaigns, our evolved personas and experiential retail stores, we will integrate colorful visuals, inclusive messaging and our purpose into everything we do to prove that together we are more fun” , said Jane Hwang. , vice president of global marketing at Mars Wrigley.

The visual identity and purpose of the brand was revealed along with changes to the M&M’s characters – arguably the brand’s most recognizable aspect – which were given a “fresh and modern” makeover. Mascot proportions were updated, gender markers like Mr and Mrs were removed from the characters, and there were other adjustments, like lowering the heel height on the brown M&M. Instead, the brand aims to show “more nuanced personalities to highlight the importance of self-expression and the power of community through storytelling.”


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