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Metricon opened its stunning new Avery 30 show home in Warrnambool on April 2, and it was well received by local buyers, in particular local golf champion Caleb Perry.

Perry, 22, is from Warrnambool Golf Club and as a 3rd generation golf player he is no stranger to the game.

“I started playing golf at the age of three after my dad and grandfather bought me custom clubs with grips in Terang, so golf is in my blood,” Perry said. .

When Metricon opened its new Avery 30 display home, it caught Perry’s eye for a very unique reason. The Avery 30 is expansive and has been designed with lifestyle in mind, so much so that it has its own backyard practice green. Of course, Perry didn’t miss the chance to try out the green and was amazed at the quality.

Perry took advantage of some of the best golf courses in Australia, but Avery’s 30 putting green still made an impression. “I was pleasantly surprised at how up to par this green was – literally in the backyard of this stunning new home. I have had the privilege of playing some of the best courses in the country and this green is just as good, if not better,” Perry said.

Perry relishes the idea of ​​a green addition to a beautiful lifestyle home, seamlessly blending family life, fun and convenience.

“Training as much as possible as my career starts to take off is key at the moment. Locally we have lots of great courses in and around the Warrnambool area but being able to just get out into your own backyard and play on a green of such quality every time you want it is pretty special.It definitely sold me.

COVID19 has given way to booming work of home culture, forcing demand for affordable residential homes in regional Australia on the rise.

Metricon has been working to meet growing market demands for accessible housing with a lifestyle consideration and as such, Regional Manager Simon Taylor was delighted with Perry’s feedback.

Metricon homes pay close attention to detail that brings a sense of leisure and convenience to families. Photo: provided.

“The team and I were delighted to welcome such a talented young golfer to the Avery green. We knew it was a great little green which really adds to the abundance of features in the house, but seeing it used by Caleb was really the icing on the cake.

“We are truly delighted to have launched Avery’s first ever show home here in Warrnambool. This exciting new home has been designed with families and golfers in mind and offers exceptional value and space,” said Taylor.

The Avery 30 has been designed with functional family living at its heart, with three separate living areas and four bedrooms, in a spacious single-level layout. Home buyers can choose from 15 stunning facades and eight beautiful interiors.

The surrounding area of ​​Warrnambool has been outlined in ambitious growth plans and prides itself on being an extremely livable coastal town in Victoria’s most abundant agricultural region. The Avery 30 is well suited to local shoppers and those looking for a radical change.

“We can certainly see the opportunity and demand in the Warrnambool area for a home like the Avery. There is a strong desire for more affordable property options in the COVID-inspired era of work from home, but also increased demand for lifestyle-oriented properties,” said Simon.

Try the green for yourself and be inspired by the beauty of Avery 30, at 18 Jordan Place, Warrnambool, open daily from 12.00pm to 5.00pm.

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