Marijuana Packaging launches a new brand of vaping gear


Vernon, CA, USA – Marijuana Packaging, a leading supplier of cannabis packaging, is launching the new RAE™ brand of vape gear, short for Refined Atomizer Engineering. RAE™ aims to revolutionize the vape industry by using advanced technology to push the boundaries of product engineering and performance.

RAE™ is committed to producing state-of-the-art vaping gear that delivers the ultimate experience. Its product line includes vape cartridges, batteries, and disposable vaporizers made from FDA-approved materials.

RAE’s brand image is centered on safety, compliance and quality control. The brand aims to provide companies in the cannabis extract industry with the best products to portray them in their best light.

RAE’s superior technology

The technology behind RAE™ vaping hardware sets the brand apart from other manufacturers. RAE™ is focused on research and development to ensure the continued production of its vaping equipment. The brand has invested heavily in research facilities and has acquired the best minds in aerosol science to lead production.

Likewise, RAE™ invests heavily in research and development. Not only does this ensure that the company continues to improve its products and processes, but it also helps attract and retain the best engineers in the industry.

standard coil

RAE’s standard coil is made from the brand’s proprietary internal ceramic. This premium material, combined with the company’s heating element, helps create a high-porosity network that dramatically improves the performance of any vaporizer. In addition, it facilitates better absorption of oils for a smoother inhalation.

mesh coil

RAE™ engineers designed the mesh coil to heat up quickly at low temperatures. This patented technology can operate at just 160°C (320°F), allowing consumers to achieve rich flavor without risking combustion or damaging the oils. The mesh design also increases the heating surface for better performance.

Notch reel

The RAE™ Notch Coil is a heating element more than three times larger than other vaporizer coils on the market. Consequently, it has a larger surface area, which allows it to offer incredible heat distribution. It also operates at relatively low temperatures of approximately 210°C, which reduces combustion and preserves oil quality.


The Ultra Core is RAE’s flagship nanofilm ceramic heater. It is fully integrated with a ceramic wick, which makes it durable and reliable. The large surface area of ​​the Ultra Core allows it to operate at low temperatures. It also helps reduce the amount of carbon deposits by approximately 50% compared to thick film ceramics and 67% less than cotton cores.

Materials and supply

While designing great vaping gear might be a priority for RAE™, it wouldn’t be possible without sourcing the best materials. It’s essentially the root of RAE’s operations, and the brand doesn’t compromise when it comes to the quality of its materials.

Single Source Ceramic

RAE™ uses only in-house ceramics for the production of all of its cores. This helps the brand maintain consistency and reliability. The brand uses its fully automated manufacturing facility to produce highly porous ceramics with a precise uniform structure, resulting in smooth, consistent strikes.

316L stainless steel

RAE™ also uses 316L stainless steel, a corrosion resistant metal alloy of stainless steel, nickel and molybdenum. It is very durable and resistant to chemical contaminants. For this reason, it ensures that RAE’s vaporizers prevent the leaching of heavy metals, which can cause many health issues.

Batteries and power supplies

RAE™ sources only Grade A ores from reputable suppliers for its batteries and power supplies. The brand also guarantees that its batteries are UL certified and built with the best materials to ensure maximum performance and efficiency.


RAE™ has developed rigorous testing methods to ensure that it continues to produce unparalleled vaping equipment that is safe for consumers. For example, the brand ensures that its products are tested with heavy metals in internal and third-party laboratories.

Likewise, RAE™ performs extensive accelerated testing on products to analyze their condition and longevity. Unlike other manufacturers who only test their equipment immediately after production.

RAE™ also uses an automated manufacturing facility to ensure consistent quality and minimize production deviations. Additionally, the brand uses only 100% FDA-approved food-grade materials to ensure optimal safety.

Products and customization

The RAE product line includes vaporizer cartridges, batteries and disposable vaporizers. All of these products use the brand’s ceramic cores, long-lasting batteries and mouthpieces.

Additionally, RAE™ also offers a comprehensive customization library, allowing brands to be as unique as the branded hardware. Customers can get everything from custom color finishes on their cartridges to attractive LED colors on the batteries.

Customization is also a simple process that only involves a few steps. All customers have to do is choose their desired product, select their customization mods, and watch RAE’s creative team bring their vision to life.

About RAE™
RAE™ is a brand of vaping gear that combines innovative engineering with superior technology. Through extensive research and rigorous testing, the brand continues to find ways to push the boundaries of the vaping industry.

RAE™ is made up of over 3,500 members, including engineers and creative minds dedicated to transforming the vaping industry through the development of their technology. As a result, RAE™ has some of the most advanced vaporization technologies in the world.

Contact information
Company: RAE™
Address: 3359 E 50th St Vernon, CA 90058, USA
Phone: (866) 942-4262
Email: [email protected]

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