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Brian Sallee, a serial entrepreneur with deep roots in Tampa-St. The Pete tech community has a new business.

ModernCasual is an e-commerce store that offers business-friendly footwear and apparel that can be personalized using 3D web configurator software. There are options to change the colors, texture, burnish and other components of the product on the website.

Brian Sallee

“I’m always on the lookout for a suitable fashion that works. When meeting leaders, executives, and many entrepreneurs, there is a balance: how to wear something that is comfortable and confident in the boardroom and just as comfortable in a cafe. I’m always looking for fashion in that happy medium, no t-shirts and jeans, but no three-piece suit, ”Sallee said. “What we have built is a fusion of technology and fashion.”

Sallee is a cloud computing pioneer who sold his company, Reviora, to Tribridge, a cloud and software giant in Tampa, in 2015. After the sale of Tribridge to DXC Technology (NYSE: DXC), Sallee moved to DSM , a Lakeland data center, as vice president of channels and marketing.

Earlier this year, he founded Avorit, a consultancy firm to help technology companies scale, and it has continued to grow, he said.

ModernCasual is not part of Avorit.

“ModernCasual was an idea that I had about six months ago, incorporated, proposed a brand and decided to do it for fun,” Sallee said. “The average consumer will think it’s a fashion company, but it’s a tech company at the end of the day.”

Millions of combinations

Today, ModernCasual’s products are primarily footwear, with around 40-50 different styles for men’s and women’s clothing, leisure, and golf. There are clothes, as well as bags and accessories.

Products are displayed in three dimensions with tools to move the product around and visualize what the finished product will look like. For shoes, users can customize about 10-12 pieces and colors. There are millions of possible combinations.

“It’s very unlikely that you will meet someone wearing the same ModernCasual shoe that you have,” Sallee said.

ModernCasual has partnered with an open source app, called FeetSizr, which allows users to scan their feet using their smartphones to get an accurate shoe size.

ModernCasual shoes are made to order from a factory in Europe and typically delivered within three to four weeks. Prices are comparable to other retailers and range from $ 100 to $ 300, with most in the $ 200 range.

Although there are similar companies, their products sell for a higher price, Sallee said.

The site launched a week ago on November 18, and marketing is mostly word of mouth right now.

There is no staff and very little overhead.

“It’s a bit of an experience, as I talk to many entrepreneurs about how to scale their business without having a lot of overhead. It’s my own guinea pig to see how well it evolves without too much overhead. “

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