Jordan Challenge in NBA 2K23 promises a whole new experience

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It’s almost time to hit the virtual hardwood in NBA 2K23. The first report from the field focused on new gameplay features. The second concerns the Jordan Challenge.

First introduced in the 2010s NBA 2K11the Jordan Challenge was a mode that allowed players to relive those iconic moments that made Michael Jordan the GOAT.

Jordan Challenge mode is back NBA 2K23, and it’s not just a reworking of the original. The latest Courtside Report focuses explicitly on the Jordan Challenge. 2K breaks down the new experiences players can expect when stringing together Michael Jordan’s in-game kicks.

A whole new experience

NBA 2K23 The Jordan Challenge version consists of 15 “unique gaming experiences”. It will take lifelong Jordan fans and those who discover his heroism on the court a virtual journey beginning in his time at the University of North Carolina, to the shot that cemented his GOAT status.

NBA 2K is a video game franchise best known for its authenticity, and one that will be on full display here as the video game studio has gone all out for the Jordan Challenge.

Intricate details like a “video filter system” that will recreate the feeling of watching Jordan hustle during an NBC broadcast game. Era-specific broadcast elements will also be present to show the evolution of game broadcasts as technology improved in the 90s.

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To make the experience even more authentic, legendary trainer and analyst Mike Fratello, aka The Czar, has joined the NBA 2K23 broadcast team and will be on the call. The 2K team also tapped iconic Chicago Bulls PA announcer Ray Clay to recreate his beloved starting pitches. Of course, “Sirius” from the Alan Parsons Project will also play while Clay calls the starting lineup.

Before each challenge, players will see interviews with Jordan’s coaches, teammates and commentators, all of whom were front row seats while witnessing MJ’s greatness. Marv Albert, Dennis Rodman, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Phil Jackson all provide insight into moments in Jordan’s career that they experienced personally.

Completing the three objectives that each challenge will present will earn you a star, 2K explains. Collect 40 stars and unlock unique rewards for MyTEAM and MyCAREER modes.

Keep the authentic feel

As basketball has evolved with athletes getting stronger and faster, 2K wants to ensure the Jordan Challenge honors the feel of the NBA when Jordan ruled the game. Each challenge will feature unique gameplay tweaks reflecting the NBA at the time of Jordan.

For example, the NBA of the 80s was a league more heavily focused on post-play and mid-range shooting. With AI trending tweaks, custom playbooks at the time, and slider settings, NBA 2K23 players will experience this while playing.

The game will even recreate full-screen physicality during Jordan’s time in the league. To show this, players will find out how physical the Bad Boy Detroit Pistons were in Jordan after instituting “Jordan Rules”. 2K also goes to great lengths to recreate iconic players like Magic Johnson and other players’ shots, lay-ups and dunks. Also, don’t expect to pull off moves like the “shammgod dribble move” and the euro-step. They didn’t exist in the league at the time.

The 15 Jordan Challenge experiences

As for the challenges themselves, they range from different times throughout Jordan’s career. Players can expect to virtually recreate and relive the iconic “shrug moment” in Game 1 of the 1991 NBA Finals, the whistle on Craig Ehlo in Game 5 of the first round of the 1989 Eastern Conference, the double nickel game against the Knicks, and more.

NBA 2K23 Jordan Challenge Screenshot

Source: NBA 2K23 / Jordan Challenge

Here’s a full breakdown:

  1. 1982 National Championship: University of North Carolina vs. Georgetown
  2. 1984 Team USA basketball game
  3. 1986 Eastern Conference First Round Game 2
  4. 1988 NBA All-Star Game
  5. 1989 Eastern Conference First Round Game 5
  6. 1990 Atlanta Hawks vs. Chicago Bulls
  7. 1990 Chicago Bulls at Cleveland Cavaliers
  8. 1990 Eastern Conference Finals Game 3
  9. 1991 NBA Finals Game 5
  10. 1992 NBA Finals Game 1
  11. 1995 Chicago Bulls at New York Knicks
  12. 1996 NBA Finals Game 6
  13. 1997 NBA Finals Game 5
  14. 1997 Chicago Bulls vs Los Angeles Lakers
  15. 1998 NBA Finals Game 6

The Jordan Challenge will be available in all versions of NBA 2K23 when the game launches on September 8. For more details on the mode, you can go here.

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