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SAN JOSE, Calif .– (BUSINESS WIRE) – November 18, 2021–

Recently, Inspur Information, a leading provider of IT infrastructure solutions, announced that its agile, flexible and secure supply chain has been recognized for excellence by the Harvard Business Review. The agile supply chain, powered by cutting-edge digital technology and various applications, is able to perceive and effectively solve the diverse needs and requirements of customers, and acts as a model for the industry in the future to era of cloud-data-IA.

Inspur’s supply chain integrates the entire process of request, R&D, production and delivery. Based on a Joint Manufacturing (JDM) model, the supply chain is designed and customized to customer specifications. It is able to provide continuous security while moving from traditional large-scale standardization to mass customization.

Inspur’s supply chain was created in response to the diverse technologies and demands of the age of cloud data and AI. This includes diverse computing with almost endless combinations of processors, graphics processors, and accelerators used together in various configurations. Therefore, in addition to stability and reliability, customers now demand heterogeneous IT, high-speed interconnection and energy savings. In response to this, Inspur combines business model innovation with smart technology to provide the mass customization needed by modern businesses with its agile supply chain.

Inspur has implemented its own version of its customized supply chain with impressive results. Server production capacity quadrupled, production efficiency increased by more than 30%, labor investment decreased by 75%, total cost of ownership decreased by 31%, Delivery cycles have been shortened by 60% and delivery and deployment speeds have increased to 10,000 nodes per day. This achievement was made possible by the emphasis on agility and safety.

Agility speeds up supply chains

Inspur’s supply chain is JDM based and geared towards specific customer needs. The intelligent installations have integrated ERP / MES / WMS / PLM / CRM / APO / SRM information systems. With data acting as the core, Inspur improves the transparency, visualization and elasticity of smart manufacturing. This enables on-demand design, rapid production and rapid delivery.

At the R&D level, the integration of an end-to-end IPD system and a “platform + modularization” strategy has formed an agile R&D system. Inspur establishes a triangular organizational model made up of the customer manager, the product manager and the R&D engineer. The system dynamically mobilizes the entire supply chain according to the evolution of customer demand. This R&D implementation reduced Inspur’s development cycle times from 1.5 years to 9 months and delivered the prototypes in 3 months.

This agility extends to Inspur’s manufacturing capacity. It built the world’s first intelligent flexible production base. It can simultaneously produce 10 different types of cloud server nodes. It integrates six main intelligent information systems, including ERP, MES and WMS, more than 30 automated nodes and 120 data collection points. This makes it easy for Inspur to meet the demand for sudden large orders. At the same time, production is better suited to handling more complex products such as L12 rack systems.

Security and traceability throughout the supply chain

Inspur also has a high level of supply chain security management. Inspur’s supply chain covers a wide range of processes and technologies, including component and system traceability, automation, integrated data systems and blockchain to provide customers with data security. The supply chain trust process is subject to the highest security standards. Inspur’s smart factories are optimized to seamlessly integrate the data and systems used to record and verify all relevant product information, enabling a full source of traceability from receipt of materials to final assembly of the product. system.

Inspur servers are ISO / IEC 20243 certified, also known as O-TTPS (Open Trusted Technology Provider Standards), which means Inspur systems are designed to reduce the potential threat of malicious contamination and counterfeit products. ICT and to ensure the integrity of hardware and software throughout the life cycle of ICT products. Suppliers, integrators and distributors involved in this product line offer end-to-end product safety guarantee.

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