Innovative Online Lightsaber Retailer Expands Custom Products to Star Wars Dueling and Neopixel World


SabersPro unveils a new line of custom lightsabers that utilize cutting-edge neopixel technology for Star Wars collectors, lightsaber duelists, and cosplayers everywhere.

SMITHTOWN, NY, March 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — SabersPro, an online retailer of custom Star Wars lightsabers and accessories, has begun offering custom sabers with neopixel technology for collectors and duelists. This technology brings Star Wars enthusiasts closer than ever to the hugely popular film, television and book franchise. Neopixels transforms the light activity of sabers by improving old RGB color schemes with versatile LED light strips. These eco-friendly lighting systems are integrated into the blade assembly instead of the handle, resulting in superb dueling characteristics with special effects similar to scenes straight from the movies.

The goal of integrating this new technology into the various lightsaber collections is to improve the user experience. SabersPro has tapped into one of the fastest growing markets in the fandom world by introducing purpose-built lightsabers with features and design elements that allow buyers to go beyond canon, unleashing their own creative imaginations.

“I’ve been a collector for years and wanted a new design similar to a Jedi master my son drew for me,” says Star Wars fan Joel Clement. “I heard about SabersPro from a friend in a dueling league in Europe. You should have seen his face light up when my son unboxed the lightsaber they made for us. He’s already planning a new costume for next year’s comedy event at Salt Lake City.”

Neopixel technology has made its way into the highly engaged online community of Star Wars fans who regularly show up at meet-ups, events, film screenings, and duelist clubs. Many of them pick up a SabersPro lightsaber and learn some of the same fighting techniques from Darth Maul in the controversy george lucas prequels or a more classic design like those from Disney Plus sensation The Mandalorian.

“We’re just proud to be a member of such a welcoming community,” says Lev, co-founder of SabersPro. “It all started with a desire to get involved and transformed our lives. Now the challenge is to meet the demand!”

The rise of popular streaming shows and the ease with which new generations can watch classic Star Wars films means that the popularity of custom collectibles and dueling gear isn’t likely to end anytime soon. Companies like SabersPro are likely to continue innovating. At the moment, the new trend is neopixel technology. Who knows what tomorrow will bring!

SabersPro is a global online retailer of custom lightsabers for cosplayers, collectors and dueling clubs. They are located near New York City, where a supportive community of fans continues to help their business thrive and grow. For more information or to purchase a custom neopixel lightsaber, please visit:

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