How your brand can help bridge the education gap

  • Since the pandemic, education technology has improved learning experiences for teachers and students.
  • Edtech companies and resources help balance inequalities in our education system.
  • Advertiser investments allow Quizlet to provide students with free study tools.

When the COVID-19 pandemic closed schools in 2020, American education embraced technology more than ever. This demand for e-learning has forced educational technology companies to innovate quickly and efficiently so that learning can happen from anywhere.

“During COVID, edtech has evolved by leaps and bounds,” said Jeanette Price, who teaches English and French at Columbia Falls High School in Montana. “It took going completely digital for people to really see what needed to be improved.”

Edtech prepares students for the real world

Sam Kary, Founder and CEO of New Edtech Classroom, said edtech, when done right, is a crucial educational tool. “It makes learning more relevant, meaningful and accessible to all students,” he said, adding that using technology – creating videos or vlogs, for example – is also valuable because students will graduate in a technology-driven world.

“Edtech ensures students are prepared for the future of work and teaches skills to insulate people from seismic changes coming from automation and artificial intelligence,” Kary said.

He noted that edtech is particularly important for improving education, equity and access, allowing teachers to differentiate lesson design to ensure that all students learn at their own pace.

“Thanks to technology, students can repeat or revise things as needed,” Price added. His school had returned to being fully in-person by fall 2020, but edtech allowed students who had missed school because they had COVID-19 (or other illnesses) to commute back and forth between classroom and home.

Quizlet provides an edtech solution for today’s world

A useful tool for teachers looking for edtech solutions is Quizlet, the practice-centered online learning tool for using flashcards to learn or reinforce learning. The company attracts approximately 60 million monthly active users and helps make online learning more widely available as advertiser investments enable Quizlet to provide students around the world with free study tools. According to internal company data, in 2021 more than 300 million active users used the platform for free.

With the growth of edtech stimulating learning for students, advertisers also have a new opportunity to reach these lifelong learner audiences in a brand-safe environment through advertising opportunities. native and custom content programs. Quizlet and other edtech platforms establish and retain Gen Z and Millennial users, reaching high achievers at every stage of their journey.

“Advertisers can confidently invest in our platform — keeping it free for millions of students — knowing their brand is surrounded by content teachers and students trust,” said Brad. Ramsey, CMO at Quizlet.

Brands can bring their content to a unique “Quizlet” way through personalized content programs that allow them to become the educator on topics that naturally and authentically fit their brand. For example, a financial institution might sponsor a personalized content program focused on financial literacy, while a brand focused on social justice might sponsor content for Be the Change, the Quizlet social justice library with impactful information for educators.

Two million teachers use the product, reassuring advertisers that educators trust the quality and integrity of the Quizlet brand as they create their own content on the platform.

“There was never a question of whether this is a safe platform for students,” Price said.

A smarter, better way to learn from anywhere

Price added that Quizlet “got smarter” in recent years and improved its live component. For example, if two students are in home quarantine and she wants to make a teaching game using Quizlet, those two can join the rest of the class and be perfectly in sync.

Price loves using Quizlet during her school day and finds it so useful that she even uses it at home. Just last year, she used it to study for National Council certification, where she became one of six educators in her region to earn this distinguished degree. Her husband also used Quizlet to prepare for an emergency medical technician exam.

“At Quizlet, we strongly believe in the ability of students to learn, and our mission is to help them practice and master their material, honestly,” Ramsey said.

“That’s why we continually leverage technical advancements, feature additions, and reports to ensure Quizlet is used correctly to maintain academic integrity and support modern learning everywhere.”

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