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Check how to grow your brand on YouTube

“Your eyes believe what your ears cannot see.” Marketing today has evolved to show what people would like to see, and that should be the strategy of a true marketer. One of the main platforms chosen by marketers is YouTube. YouTube is an effective social media platform open to all viewers of all ages for different content. This makes it one of the most attractive platforms on the Internet. Accessible worldwide, YouTube makes it easy to extend a brand to its audience. With less investment and a lot of room for creativity, YouTube is the only one to mark its audience. Sticking to a single theme is an essential part of running a YouTube channel for a brand.

A channel theme is a channel genre that tells viewers that those specific types of content can only be found on that channel. This is a simple channel identity that is essential for presenting your purpose to your audience. Often referred to as the “second largest search engine in the world”, YouTube can help people find your content quickly and drive engagement, if you know a few tricks and understand the basics of creating creative videos.

How to grow your brand on YouTube

Develop a clear vision

It’s easier to subscribe to a YouTube channel with a clear purpose than one that seems to do a lot of different things. Make sure you have a solid vision before you start creating content. Pick something interesting, relevant, and valuable to your audience. You can offer different types of videos, but they all need to be relevant to your viewers.

For example, AsapSCIENCE has different types of access content. In their “What If” videos, they use research to answer hypothetical questions. In their “VS” series, they compare and contrast related science topics. Each of these approaches is different. But each fulfills AsapSCIENCE’s mission of “Making Science Make Sense”.

Create a brand account

To use YouTube professionally, you need a Brand Account. Brand accounts include features you can’t use with personal accounts. For example, YouTube Analytics gives you access to valuable audience data. You can also collaborate with other team members.

Add contact information

YouTube is all about building links. Make sure your business contact information is easy to find. This will make it easier to build relationships with your fans. Start by connecting your other social platforms to your channel banner. (Just click the pencil icon at the bottom of the “About” section to add your links.) You can also include email addresses and other contact information in your About section. Some YouTubers, like Shameless Maya, even add a PO Box address for fan mail.

Verify your account

This step is key! Only verified accounts can post videos longer than 15 minutes. Verification also lets you create custom thumbnails (more on that later). Verification is simple. Just enter your country and phone number at

Create a content calendar

Developing a schedule is one thing. Sticking to it is another! Create a simple content calendar to ensure you have enough new content each week. Plan ideas for YouTube as well as any other social platforms you manage. Check your calendar often. Do you see a pattern? Content calendars can be a great way to find out which videos are performing best and when. To get started, fill out a copy of the Hootsuite content calendar template. You can adapt your schedule over time to meet your brand’s needs.

be selective

There are tons of easy YouTube tricks to get more views for your videos. Being selective is one of the most important. Carefully edit your videos before posting anything. Review all your footage and cut out the boring moments. Avoid awkward pauses and unprofessional shots. Make every second count to keep your audience engaged.

But editing is more than the viewer’s experience. It also affects your search ranking. This is because YouTube’s algorithm favors videos with high watch time. The longer you keep fans interested in your content, the more visible it will be.

Create playlists

More than 70% of time on YouTube is spent watching algorithm recommendations. Making sure your content makes a difference is one of YouTube’s most important tips. That’s where playlists come in. Playlists allow viewers to jump from one video to another, increasing total watch time. They are a simple way to improve the performance of your videos in the algorithm. Moreover, playlists also help viewers discover more of your content. This makes it a great way to encourage YouTube subscriptions.

Final Words: How to Grow Your Brand on YouTube

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