Get your fresh manicure from a Black-owned press brand to save time and money


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Keeping track of your nail care can sometimes be a bit tricky. Whether it’s because your regular manicure is always booked and doesn’t have a time slot that fits your schedule, or your local nail salon is constantly cluttered with extended wait times. Maybe you just don’t have the patience to sit down during the process of getting a full set of nails.

Luckily, snap nails are a quick fix to this dilemma, and they’re not what they used to be. Nowadays, you can find presses with the most unique designs and colors that even make it look like you’ve been to the nail salon. If you’ve always wanted a bombshell nail set but just can’t seem to find the time to get one, look no further than one of these brands of press nails owned by Black. .

Nails by Canishiea

Nail artist Canishiea J. Sams specializes in luxury hand painted press nails and hand crafted nail care. Named one of the Nail Pro “30 Under 30” magazines, she is best known for her abstract nail art and unique color palettes.

Very shameless nails

Founded in 2019 by acclaimed nail artist Trenna Seney, Very Shameless Nails focuses on improving the quality of clients’ nails with their luxury press-ons inspired by the founder’s custom nail designs.

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