Funky Bunnies Enters Ethereum Blockchain, Aims to Become a Web3 Innovation Brand

The Web3 space has seen many advancements over the years, but there is still room for more. On a mission to bring one of the greatest innovations to the digital environment, the Funky Bunnies step onto the scene, bringing with them many creative developments destined to have significant impacts. Funky Bunnies wants to become a staple in the Web3 ecosystem and play a crucial role in providing more opportunities for investors in blockchain technology.

Funky Bunnies introduces a new type of art never seen before in the NFT space. The project also created a sophisticated playground designed by none other than Asia-based artist studio AllenxRoot. Funky Bunnies was built with an initial drop of 3,333 unique 3D NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Bringing a combination of cuteness and punky looks, the project is quickly gaining traction among collectors and NFT enthusiasts. The artistic style of the project distinguishes it from other upcoming collections and positions it as the trend of the next generation. Additionally, the Funky Bunnies are equipped with utilities, setting the plan to become a Web3 innovation brand.

When asked who they intended the project for, the creators shared that the Funky Bunnies were created for the younger generation of passionate collectors of funky 3D art. The project is also aimed at aspiring holders who want utilitarian assets with ground-friendly mechanics. Funky Bunnies is a departure from the usual PFP art as it is equipped to become one of the biggest innovations in the Web3 space, which will provide holders with many exciting benefits such as personalized downloads from their NFT Merchandise Store and a Web3 coaching platform. It will also offer special and early access and discounts to holders.

Along with art and utilities, Funky Bunnies aims to give holders a new experience in the digital space, a project that would overturn everything they’ve been through so far. Its platform in the metaverse wants to create a community of like-minded individuals who share the same passion for funky 3D art and are eager to learn more about raising their status in the music industry. blockchain. Promising such an avenue, interested investors are already heading to the projects Discord server, securing their place in what will soon become one of the most thriving communities in the blockchain environment and even on Twitter.

On their website, the creators shared the Funky Bunnies story that inspired them to create the collection into what it is today. “A Thousand Years in the Future – the distinct yet familiar spin-off of Funky Bunnies in 3,333 gangs. The bunnies entered punk town exploring the metaverse, and suddenly everything changed. was the evolution of a whole new genus. Every bunny is unique. Every bunny is beautiful. Every bunny is loved. And every bunny is part of the family, no matter how different from the punks. Nothing is impossible when you are inspired, therefore, the Funky Bunnies are ready to face the metaverse with full power in their own style and a much greater destiny.

In the near future, Funky Bunnies aims to create a crypto-casino, a personalized Web3 merchandise store, a coaching program and its own cryptocurrency. The creators also shared that they plan to evolve Funky Bunnies by working and collaborating with other founders across the metaverse. Their Instagram just gained over 40,000 followers recently.

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