Front Desk Supply Introduces New Limited Edition Holiday Key Card


“We’ve seen higher order volume and bulk orders of generic hotel supplies, and we’ve decided to offer limited-edition holiday key cards to help hotel managers keep their business stocked during the winter. busy holiday travel season,” said Mark Zisek, Director of Business Operations, Front Office Supply.

Front Desk Supply, a leading San Diego-based hospitality supplier, today launched a small batch, 2022 limited edition holiday key card for hotels to help hotel managers make their guest experience a little more festive this busy holiday season.

“Holidays are a special time for travel, and hospitality managers work tirelessly to create a memorable experience for their guests, from dazzling decorations inside and outside the property to the smallest necessities like key cards,” said Mark Zisek, director of business operations. , Provision of receipt. “A limited-edition holiday key card just creates a little extra joy for hotel guests,” Zisek added.

Already buoyed by strong summer occupancy, hotels expect to see strong holiday sales throughout the new year. Front Desk Supply works with hotel managers and front desk staff to ensure properties are supplied. With limited stock, the generic holiday themed key cards offer quick restock without the need for custom design work and should sell out quickly.

“We saw higher order volumes and bulk orders of generic hotel supplies, and we decided to offer limited edition holiday key cards to help add another layer of holiday cheer to their efforts. . Hotel managers need to keep their stuff stocked for the busy holiday travel season; running out of these essentials is simply not an option,” added Zisek.

Helping front desk managers meet the demand for essential hotel supplies is Front Desk Supply’s number one priority. For those looking for a personalized holiday touch, Front Desk Supply also offers free graphic design services.

Front Desk Supply is an industry leader in home supplies, offering a wide variety of items including staff name badges and uniforms, custom hotel signs, Promotional materialand valet and concierge labels.

About Reception Provisioning

Provision of receipt has over 50 years of experience in sales, marketing, advertising and operations, along with the wealth of knowledge from producing millions of products for thousands of hotels in the hospitality industry.

Their concern for building relationships with customers is ingrained in all employees. Putting the customer first and providing a unique perspective to any situation is the hallmark of Front Desk Supply. Front Desk Supply excels in providing multiple complementary products – it provides a unique shopping experience for customers and ensures consistent messaging flows between products. They expertly offer recommendations that make good business sense. Front Desk Supply: making hotels more profitable and their guests’ stays more memorable®.

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