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WINDOWSEN, a fashion brand known for its futuristic style, took to its official Instagram page to call Yuehua Entertainment, the EVERGLOW label and K-pop artist stylists for “plagiarism.”

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The brand then posted side-by-side photos of the similarities between their outfit design and EVERGLOW’s alleged plagiarized costume. WINDOWSEN expressed confusion, noting that the corset was a custom piece for Taiwanese artist, Jolin Tsai, to be used only.

In addition, WINDOWSEN posted more photos while calling the style team of Yuehua Entertainment. The fashion brand asked the EVERGLOW label to remove and remove all visuals, both in photos and videos, where the garment is seen.

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WINDOWSEN further expressed disgust that plagiarism is both reprehensible and unacceptable. The fashion brand is ready to give Yuehua Entertainment a chance to resolve the issue, but WINDOWSEN noted that it is also willing to do the necessary “good deeds”.

Additionally, the corset that was mentioned was cradled by Yiren of EVERGLOW and was evident in the clip and individual return photos of EVERGLOW.

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At the time of writing, Yuehua Entertainment has not released any statement on this matter.

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