Family Medical Supply: Birmingham’s one stop shop for all medical support supplies

Unique to Birmingham, Family Medical Supply is the one stop shop for all medical support supplies. Customers arriving in distress and unsure of which supplies to choose for their loved ones can expect Family Medical Supply staff to sit down with them, hear their needs, and help them find exactly what they need. .

“You can’t walk into the store as family,” said general manager Cecelia Blackmon, “but when you leave, you’re part of the family.”

Blackmon’s family have been in the medical supplies business for 35 years and opened this store on Acton Road in Hoover in 2019. Countless years of experience and knowledge in this ever-changing field enables staff to help customers to make a wise and well-informed decision on medical equipment purchases.

Trusted, dependable and leading medical supply brands are offered at Family Medical Supply to provide Alabama families with high quality supplies at reasonable prices. In-stock items are available to view and try in person at the store.

Ranging from CPAP supplies, portable oxygen concentrators, walkers, wheelchairs and bathing safety equipment, Family Medical Supply offers a variety of medical support supplies. They take custom orders and supplies will arrive in just a few days.

Required documents and prescriptions can cause stress for many families when looking to purchase medical supplies, but at Family Medical Supply, customers won’t need a prescription to purchase supplies in most cases. They can pay for and receive items on the spot or request reimbursement for retail purchases from Medicare and/or private health insurance plans.

Fast turnaround, countless supply options, and personalized support from experienced staff ensure a seamless experience at Family Medical Supply.

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