Dream Controller Xbox Elite Series 2 review: excellent controllers with a custom design


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The standard Xbox Elite Series 2 controller is probably one of my favorite controllers. It’s sleek, premium, customizable, and delivers great performance. You can tell though that the officially available colors are a bit bland and uninspired. Luckily, there are plenty of third-party options for getting your Xbox Elite controllers, and here we have two such Dream Controller deals – one inspired by the manga and anime My Hero Academia and the other by the show. Star Wars – The Mandalorian.

As for the Elite Series 2 controllers, functionally they are probably the best controllers out there for Xbox and PC games. They’re incredibly customizable, allowing you to easily change the D-pad and analog sticks which you can also squeeze to change the tension when using them. They also have 4 paddles on the back that you can use as extra buttons or map certain macro combinations to use in various games. Then there are the trigger locks to adjust the trigger’s range of motion so you can shorten it if you want to fire faster in a shooter or lengthen it to fine tune your driving or walking speed for example. You also have that lovely durable case and a magnetic charging station to boot so you can flaunt your beauty while charging.

Having a controller as feature-rich as this, the only way to spice it up is with a shiny new color and Dream Controller does just that. But, before commenting on the design, it is important to note that by purchasing one of these from Dream Controller, you get all the accessories which typically go with an Elite Series 2 controller – the case, alternate thumbsticks, thumbstick pads, thumbstick tension adjustment tool, alternate D-pad, and charging station. The user experience is also much the same as with a vanilla controller – it’s very ergonomic, feels premium, and is satisfying and precise to use.

When it comes to design, Dream Controller makes its designs in hull hydro dipping, and the Elite Series 2 controllers are a little tricky in this regard because their grips are rubberized, which doesn’t pair well with the technique. But even though there is less ground to work with, the end result is great and the paint job is really good in terms of quality.

The design is cohesive and the colors are very saturated with almost no imperfections to speak of. It looks like Dream Controller applied a clear protective coat over the paint job so you don’t have to worry about color fading during normal use. Plus, since you primarily manipulate the controller by the grips, which aren’t painted, you can bet the design will last as long as you use the controller. For more details and a better overview of the controller, be sure to check out our full video review.

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