Do you know Kingston, this brand present in almost all your electronic devices?


Kingston is a brand you’re bound to know if you’ve ever gotten your hands on a PC or are interested in storage solutions. But what you might not know is that it is engaged in many areas of technology, including where you least expect it.

Kingston FURY Renegade DDR5 RGB RAM modules built into a gaming PC case.

Founded in 1987, the American company Kingston first made a name for itself thanks to its various memory-related solutions in the IT sector. John Tu and David Sun, its founders, had an excellent intuition at the end of the 80s, since they launched their activity when the sector of new technologies was going through a serious crisis linked to the limited stock of memory chips.

They managed to do well by creating a new SIM chip among those still available on the market, with a view to immediately meeting the demand of companies hit by the shortage at the time.

This immediate success enabled Kingston to diversify rapidly, starting in the early 1990s, through solutions related to memory and storage. The manufacturer then launched on the European market from the middle of this decade, a perfect timing to accompany tens of millions of people in their discovery of the personal computer.

A must-have high-tech brand for 35 years

Since then, it has been impossible to build a new computer or go looking for a next-generation storage solution without coming across a product from the Kingston catalog. This of course goes through the RAM: the company has built its reputation in this sector.

Whether for a computer focused on an office experience or in a machine dedicated to gaming, Kingston RAM adapts to all situations. The brand quickly understood that gamers were as interested in the performance as in the aesthetics of their PC: it therefore equipped its RAM Fury bars with RGB LEDs to offer personalized lighting with the most beautiful effect.

Kingston FURY Renegade DDR5 RGB RAM sticks look great in a dark case.

On the storage side, Kingston offers SSDs in M.2, U.2, mSATA and 2.5-inch formats as well as USB keys and SD and microSD memory cards, intended to equip a smartphone, a game console or a reflex. digital. We are thinking in particular of the XS200, an external and portable SSD which offers maximum speeds of 2000 MB/s. whole world.

Kingston is everywhere, even where you don’t expect it

A brand known and recognized by the general public, Kingston is also present in many technological and industrial sectors. It is possible to find solutions in terms of storage and memory within many connected devices, but also in the data center large companies, in on-board entertainment solutions for airliners and even in satellites: this is how Kingston is everywhere, even where you least expect it.

It is the face of Kingston that is not well known to the general public: in addition to developing innovative products, Kingston also designs solutions intended to support businesses on a daily basis. This involves a whole range of B2B products, starting with secure storage systems via AES 256-bit hardware encryption: secure USB keys, encrypted external SSDs or even server memory… nothing is missing to equip professionals and provide servers and them data center custom installations.

Kingston is even at the origin of the first external SSD with hardware encryption independent of the operating system equipped with a touch screen: the IronKey Vault Privacy 80. It is from this screen that you must enter your password to access their encrypted data.

secure usb key kingston ironkey keyboard 200
Kingston also manufactures protected USB drives for professionals.

Kingston also offers a wide selection of embedded solutions for businesses, including eMMC, DRAM, eMCP (integrated low-power storage solution for mobile or miniaturized devices), ePOP (Package on integrated packagestorage solutions integrated into the chips)… Enough to equip devices of all sizes, for all uses, on land, at sea or in the air.

There’s bound to be a Kingston solution for you

Since its inception, Kingston has made a name for itself throughout the vast new technology sector. This world-class company remains humble: it remains close to its suppliers, its resellers and, of course, its customers, by putting people at the center of its proposal.

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Businesses and individuals, gamers and content creators, enthusiasts of the most secure storage or the most powerful RAM, everyone can find their account within the vast catalog of products and solutions from Kingston. Whether you want to upgrade your SSD, optimize your computer’s performance by adding a new RAM module, or improve the security of a business server, Kingston has a solution for you.

Especially since the company makes itself available to meet your equipment needs. All you have to do is complete this questionnaire specifying your request and a Kingston advisor will contact you to advise you on the appropriate products.

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