Construction supply shortage affects builders in East Texas

As the old saying goes, when one door closes, another opens, but an East Texan has been waiting for the garage doors of his house for six months.

LINDALE, Texas — As the old saying goes, when one door closes, another opens — but don’t tell Raymond Plunkett that. He’s been waiting for the garage doors for his custom-built home for six months, and he’s not alone.

It happens to people all over East Texas. The problem is a combination of crew and material shortages.

Anwar Khalifa, president of Pyramid Homes, recently lost his sheet metal contractor because his team left for better opportunities.

“I’ve been using the same guy for 10, 15 years…and I’m like, what, what’s going on? He’s like, ‘I lost half my crew. They went to the oilfield,'” Khalifa said.

The lack of materials also completely changed the construction process.

“Now we get (the customer) to make their first, second and third picks…our processes have changed so that we can accommodate either products that are sold out or not being able to get them – or longer lead times. long,” Khalifa said. . “There are bricks that we can’t get yet. And again, that’s another thing that you have to give me your first, second, and third choice.

The Plunkett family knows this feeling firsthand.

“I think that brick you see on our house is probably our fifth choice just because nothing else was in stock,” Plunkett said.

It’s been a tough two years for builders and their customers, but the housing market is cyclical and most people are waiting for it to return to normal levels.

“With everything we do, it comes and goes, and it will come back,” Khalifa said.

Meanwhile, the Plunkett family is just happy to have a place to call home. Their old one burned down last year, so they’re grateful even without garage doors.

“You know, there’s a lot of blood and sweat and tears to get there. Because, you know, the previous house obviously burned down and everything else, you know,” Plunkett said.

From a tragedy to a new beginning.

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